IQ tests are the common way to measure intelligence level of a person. 95% population have the average score between 70 and 130. There are a lot of factors play an important role in determining a person’s IQ such as mortality, morbidity, biological parents’ IQ or parental social status. There are also many kinds of IQ tests to measure a person’s IQ level such as visual tests, verbal tests, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning,… So that the way to determine a person’s IQ. Now let’s take a look at 10 people who have the highest IQ test scores in the world:


10. James Woods – IQ Test Score: 180

One of the famous people with the highest IQ score is James - a movie actor. With his ​​performance in the film "The Promise" and "My name is Bill W" James has won two Emmys. And starred in the long-running TV drama "Shark". Besides acting, he is also known as a mathematical prodigy, learned matrix algebra at UCLA while still in high school. James also is a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before finding passion in acting.

9. Marilyn vos Savant – IQ Test Score: 190

She is a famous commentator of Parade magazine. Through the forum "Ask Marilyn", readers can send her questions from many different fields and she will answer some featured questions. Her IQ test score is the highest one at that time, and was recognized by Guinness before breaking in 1990.

8. Kenneth Ferrell – IQ Test Score: 190

Kenneth Ferrell is a doctor in North Carolina, and also a member of the High IQ Society and the Order of Epimethius Imhotep. Doing IQ test one of his his hobby. Ferrell did some IQ tests and IQ oral arithmetic, such as IQ tests and the QUINTIQ 12,354.

7. Garry Kasparov – IQ Test Score: 190

He is a Russian chess grandmaster, is the youngest world champion ever known when he was just 22 years old. He has defeated Anatoly Karpov champions after a match causes go in 1985. Kasparov held the title of world's official, sanctioned by the International Chess Federation until 1993. Kasparov was excessive recognized as world champion, "classic" until 2000, when he was defeated by Vladimir Kramnik. Nevertheless, he still is recognized as the number one location to hold the longest ever.

6. Mislav Predavec – IQ Test Score: 192

Mislav is a president and founder of the organization Gener IQ Society, an organization of leading IQ Test smartest people in the world. Organizations have the contributions of the member pillars as Kenneth Ferrell, who ranked eighth in the list. Predavec is a mathematics professor at the Croatian capital Zagreb water. He is also a director and a trade company founder. He likes rock music, especially the songs of Pink Floyd, and art, especially the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

5. Rick Rosner – IQ Test Score: 192

Rick Rosner- people US- a smart and dynamic. He is a television scriptwriter. He has appeared on the popular TV show like "Who Want To Be A Millionaire", had to earn a living by the profession unrelated to intelligence as pub doorman, dancer and nude model. Regularly wake him up to 20 hours a day to test the IQ quiz.

4. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis – IQ Test Score: 198

Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis Greeks, he has made great achievements in the study of neurology and dosage pharmaceutical sector for neurological patients. Katsioulis also a good painter and as an athlete keen swimmers. And he loves to travel.

3. Kim Ung Yong – IQ Test Score: 210

Kim is a Korean, he has extraordinary abilities in language and arithmetic. He began talking at just 6 months old. 3 years old until he was able to read many languages, including Korean, Japanese, German, English as well as solve complex problems. He also wrote a lot of poetry in Chinese and Korean, auditing university education when only 4 years old. NASA invited him to study in the US at just 8 years old and then work them just at the age when teens. Then he returned to Korea and study into the construction of civil works. He has published over 90 research on hydrodynamics.

2. Chistopher Hirata – IQ Test Score: 225

At 13, Christopher Hirata made ​​up of public opinion by the Olympic gold medalist in international physics. Years later, he studied at Caltech. In 22 years, he has a doctorate from Princeton. He has worked on projects for the NASA Mars landing 16 years.

1. Terrence Tao – IQ Test Score: 230

Terence is an Australian mathematician Amerasian origin. If you think that is normal mathematical hard enough then take a look at the areas where he has studied include: analytic number theory, Ramsey's theorem, partial differential equations, matrix theory Random ... Get a medal in all this area in 2006, I assumed the presidency for the James and Carol Collins of mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a very good learning and training in mathematics since only a toddler boy, solving arithmetic problems when 2-year-old college math at 9 years old and reach a national gold medal at 13 international Olympiad. He holds a PhD at just 20 years old from Princeton and became a professor at UCLA when 24 years old. So far, I have published 230 research coincides with the index figure of Tao IQ test.


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