Test IQ online for Free

  • Number of questions: 26
  • Time: 24 minutes
  • The difficulty will be increased through the process.
  • Content: 100% picture, you can do the online IQ Test no matter if you went to school or not.

Notes before the test:

  1. The test will stop when time’s up so you need to be quick in every question
  2. The suitable age for the test is above 16
  3. To ensure fairness for other people in the future, please don’t share answers out.
  4. If the IQ scores result is above 130, it will be an honor to invite you to join us.
  5. You should do the test in a quiet place, probably when you feel most comfortable.
  6. To people who test IQ and get result over 130, we will be honor to welcome you join in High IQ members.
  7. Wish you have the best performance for this free IQ test.