Payment and refund policy

1. Regulations on payment

This is a test for the community, therefore, we only charge a symbolic fee of 5 USD. This cost is used to cover the fees for hosting, server rentals to maintain the website every month.

Customers can choose the following forms of payment to receive IQ test results on website IQ Test

  • Paypal
  • Virtual money

2. Details of forms of payment

  • Paypal: Normally, when you pay online there is always the Payment Method or Payment Options section. You just need to choose Checkout with PayPal if you want to pay via PayPal. Then, you will be redirected to the PayPal login page, you log in and the payment is done. There are 2 types of payment methods for payment via PayPal: If your PayPal account has money in PayPal Balance: If you choose, the payment will be deducted directly from the balance. If your account has no funds but is linked to a credit or debit card: If you choose, the money will be debited from the Credit / Debit card account and the amount will be automatically deducted.
  • Virtual money: A virtual currency is linked to a unique algorithm through which only internet payments can be made. Simply copy our virtual currency payment address and paste it in the field indicated on your wallet. Enter the correct amount of virtual currency into the payment box and click "send". Just make sure you always enter the exact amount as shown in the checkout window. The transaction will be completed after a few seconds.

3. List of cards and banks that are accepted for payment online

List of card can associate with Paypal:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • Amex

4. Unsuccessful payment transaction

An unsuccessful payment transaction can be caused by many reasons which refer to the following:

  • Not registered for payment function on Internet with the Bank
  • For Paypal linking with Visa or MasterCard: During the payment process, you may be asked to enter a Verified by Visa password or a MasterCard SecureCode… but you did not complete this verification step.
  • If you have difficulty with paying with Paypal with a Credit Card, please check your personal information and CVV number for accuracy and also make sure you have enough balance to pay.
  • Card does not have enough limit / balance to pay. Some banks also have a daily limit for card spending.
  • Enter incorrect card information.

5. Refund regulations:

In order to ensure the interests of customers and improve service quality, we support customers to get a refund under the condition "After payment for services is completed, no results will be produced".

In this case, please contact email: [email protected] for immediate support.

After confirming the information provided by the customer about the unsuccessful transaction, the refund will have a different time depending on the type of account used by the customer:

  • Paypal:
    • Usually we will refund the original payment method for the transaction if you use your debit card, credit card or PayPal balance. If you use your bank account as the payment method for the transaction, we will refund the payment to your bank account or your PayPal balance if it cannot be returned to the bank account.
    • If PayPal does currency conversion for your transaction and refunds are processed:
      • Within 1 day of the original payment date, the exchange rate (including our currency conversion fees) used at the time of the original payment will be applied.
      • Exceeding 1 day from the original payment date, PayPal's exchange rate (including our currency conversion fee) on the date of the refund will apply. Trading exchange rates are applicable immediately and without notice to you. This means you may not get the full initial payment due to the above fee and currency conversion rate fluctuations.
    • Payments will be refunded in the currency you paid for, or if we can't refund in the currency you paid for, your primary currency.
  • Virtual currency: You will receive the refund amount shown under AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED. In the example shown, you will receive a bitcoin amount equivalent to 5 USD at the current exchange rate when the refund is processed.