The IQ test for children from 4 to 9 years old

As we know, the IQ of a child will represent his/her ability to think logically. Children's IQ has started forming since the age of 4 and will develop continuously until the age of 16. This indicator will help parents to quickly identify their child's abilities, thereby giving them appropriate learning orientations.

Children who are able to use the left hemisphere well (Logic) will gain a high score in IQ test, but it does not mean that children who do not achieve high IQ scores are bad. It is simply that those children are more gifted with using the right-hemisphere (Emotion).

Therefore, this article wants to emphasize to parents that: the IQ test for children is to help to orient their learning and career since early, not to score. We absolutely should not show an attitude when they do wrong or do not get a high score in the test.

The IQ test for children was developed by the Alpha High IQ Society according to the international standard which is designed visually with many interesting colors and accompanied by 100% content-based image, so this test is equal to all children whether they are literate or illiterate. Another advantage of this test is that the test time is quite fast (only 15 minutes).


  • The test is equal to all cultures, languages and does not require children to be literate or to go to school already. The appropriate age for this test is from 4 to 9. For adults over 16 years old, test IQ with quick IQ test or Recruitment IQ test.
  • The test consists of 22 questions that require to be completed in 15 minutes. When the time is up, unanswered questions will not be counted.
  • Make sure your child is in good spirits and healthy condition.
  • The main purpose of this test is to direct learning and careers for children since early, not to score.
  • Parents should absolutely not show their attitude when the children do the test wrong or do not get high scores.
  • Do not give suggestions or instructions during the test, it will affect the accuracy of the results.
  • It is important to fill in the correct date of birth as well as choosing the right gender of the child.
  • Wishing your children the best performance when doing the IQ test!