The word intelligence in science generally refers to what we may call intellectual or cognitive intelligentsia. Prof. Resing and Drenth (2007) respond in their Intelligence Book to the question 'What is Intelligence? 'Using the following definition: “all cognitive or intellectual ability needed to gain knowledge and to make effective use of that knowledge in order to solve problems with a purpose and framework well-defined”.

You might assume that intelligence applies in ordinary language to how clever or clever you are. But how IQ is related to intelligence?

I. What is IQ? Have you understood it?

IQ, short for the Intelligence Quotient, is an indicator of a person's ability to think straight. In short, it's meant to gage how good someone will use facts and reasoning to answer questions or make predictions. The IQ tests aim to measure this by testing short-and long-term memory. They also test how well people can solve problems and remember the knowledge they've heard — and how fast.

Do you know, referring to geniuses like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci ... in human history only accounts for 0.01% but that is inversely proportional to what these myths bring about by the important intelligence, opening a new era for the world? But one interesting thing in common about the father of the "law of universal gravitation" or the "theory of relativity" that distinguishes from ordinary people is the superior IQ.

When studying the intelligence of geniuses, if the average IQ is 100, the intelligence index of this scientist can be up to nearly 1.5 or 2 times that of a normal person. Albert Einstein's IQ is 160, of which Newton's is 190 and super IQ - the Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci is up to 220. What does that difference mean? WHAT IS IQ in the fullest sense?

Do you know that IQ can be improved by your own efforts?

IQ also called intelligence index is an acronym for the phrase Intelligence quotient in English meaning division.

The concept of IQ presented the world for the first time in the late nineteenth century in the British scientist's book Hereditary Genius in a study of human intelligence. Following that, the book's message and the father's desire for IQ scores continued to develop by his students through tests of intellectual ability.

By dividing the intellectual age divided by the test participant's actual age and then multiplied by 100, many tests of IQ in the early years of World War I concluded that, IQ was the keyword of success in many fields: study, work, even health - the ability to understand yourself and care for your health, and especially the sublime ability in logic and language.

According to experts in the field of research on human intelligence, intelligence index or human IQ is divided into two categories: liquid intelligence and crystalline intelligence. In which, liquid intelligence is defined as the innate ability to analyze, think, logic, these things usually appear in prodigies. And crystallized intelligence is defined as the kind of intelligence "squeezed" out from the process of learning, experiencing, and endeavoring from life.

Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to reason and think flexibly. Crystallized intelligence refers to the accumulation of knowledge, facts, and skills that are acquired throughout life.

The two types of intelligence do somehow work inseparably as a component of a person's knowledge.

Individuals frequently guarantee that their knowledge appears to decay as they age. Notwithstanding, research proposes that

While liquid intelligence starts to diminish after youth, crystallized intelligence keeps on expanding all through adulthood.

Examples of Fluid Intelligence

To understand the concepts of fluid intelligence, it can be helpful to look at some specific examples. The following are examples of how people use fluid intelligence and how it can be tested.

  • Identify patterns;
  • Solving puzzles;
  • Developing problem-solving strategies (i.e. creating “rules of thumb”);
  • Filtering out irrelevant information;
  • Avoiding mental fixedness (i.e. the ability to think “outside the box” in regard to a problem).

Examples of Crystallized Intelligence

One way to think about crystallized intelligence is that it’s useful for trivia or a game show. If someone is able to learn and retain a tremendous amount of facts, they’ll likely do well on a game show like Jeopardy, as they are more likely to be able to answer questions about facts. Some examples of crystallized intelligence would be:

  • Knowing the MVP of Super Bowl III (Joe Namath);
  • The temperature a steak reaches well done (160 degrees Fahrenheit);
  • The dates of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863).

The idea of summed up insight as a blend of crystallized intelligence and liquid intelligence is referred to as the General Ability Index on Wechsler trial of knowledge. The Wechsler scales, in any case, additionally perceive that speed of preparing and working memory are components of general insight and is reflected in the Full Scale IQ of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC).

IQ is strongly influenced by genetics, brain size, and even region of residence. Many studies show that people living in Jewish lands in one part of Europe tend to have higher IQs than people in other regions. According to a study by Tambs and colleagues in 1989, it has shown the fact about the strong relationship between IQ and education.

More specifically, the results of the research team indicate: The proportion of people with the most positive learning characteristics, evaluated as the "Heads" of the class, school, organization and so on by the ability to think fast, do standard calculations, and form extremely convincing arguments.

These people will be suitable for industries requiring high thinking such as economics, information technology or foreign languages, identified as having variation in genre up to over 50 IQ apart from environmental impacts.

Better Education for a child can greatly enhance their IQ!

II. What does your IQ mean? Can you be successfully based on IQ?

All reknowned scientists of the world have high IQ, so does it mean those having high IQ are all intelligence?

The official IQ score is known as a popular competency test from the 90s of the nineteenth century, is how many organizations and businesses evaluate the ability of individuals to perceive and solve problems. The IQ test is performed in many different forms, but the goal is to analyze thinking ability, language, math, image processing ability and memory capacity as well as speed. process each person's information.

Those who were listed as "Genius" by these tests are members with all of the above stats above 125. In addition, this test will give final results after comparison and combined with some sub-criteria.

Referring to super IQ in the world, in addition to myths like Albert Einstein, Newton, Leonardo da Vinci or Adolf Hitler, other world success symbols like Bill Gates 9160) or Bill Clinton (137), etc. always put skepticism about the potential for career success. So, in your opinion, is IQ an important factor to help us succeed? and how to determine my own IQ?

III. How to test IQ?

Before going to answer the question that many people are extremely concerned about IQ's ability to create SUCCESS, let's answer the question that most of us were curious about before: determine how to take a test of IQ? The increasing development of society, especially the economy, information technology and the increasing applicability of IQ in life, has brought IQ tests closer to life.

The most popular tool to measure IQ is the IQ TEST, especially the ONLINE IQ TEST taken from foreign sources. This is also the type of test that attracts a large number of users for its convenience and fastness.

1. Test IQ tools

Just one search with the keyword "standard IQ test", Google will return you thousands of IQ test results from many sources both domestically and abroad through different question types from images, to logic, arithmetic from there to evoke the ability to analyze, calculate, and to think fast. This test is also an effective means to measure the speed of memory and information processing speed in a certain time of individuals.

Another note for those who are curious about "how to test IQ" is the evaluation criteria of a standard IQ test. You can search the internet for millions of websites, free or paid, of unknown origin.

Of course, it can be an interesting test through which you understand some of your thinking, your logical ability to try or be "proud |" from there. because the IQ is higher than I thought. But be aware that, for a non-standard IQ test, being curious and done at an incorrect time by you can be a time-killer and easily give you a feeling of frustration or “power illusion ". So what criteria to distinguish a standard IQ test from "fake"? It's simple.

First of all, you should know about the source of the standard IQ test, which should be a trustworthy site for you to test and then be accredited by an overseas system. Besides this organization, you can also easily test your own IQ right on the "empowered" distribution by the world IQ organization like at IQTest.

2. How is IQ measured?

In the current standard IQ test, there will be 26 questions about math, pictures and logic done in 24 minutes with 100% visual content to ensure a balance in cultural knowledge. For all subjects, even those who for special reasons cannot go to school, do not even need to attend school or may even be illiterate.

According to this test, the individual's IQ will be tested in the range 77- 142 with SD 15, comparing with the average over the number of 100. If your IQ exceeds 130, it means you are in the very smart group and have the opportunity to be in the top 2% of the world's population compared to famous celebrities like Emma Watson, (145), Barack Obama (140) or Donald Trump (156). Find out for yourself how much intelligence I possess and leave a comment after this article.

But can an IQ of 140 can make you as successful as Barack Obama?

IV. Can IQ decision you success or loss?

Lisa Van Gemert, an expert in the field of human ability analysis in a CNN reply, said:

People with high IQs are more likely to process and analyze information than average people. often and of course at a much faster rate.

This is verified through the work leadership skills of Bill Gates when running Microsoft as well as the test, recruitment campaign in ways "unlike anyone" of this empire. IQ is also mentioned by everyone when talking about the 45th, 46th US President - Barack Obama, Donald Trump in his ability to reason and persuade the public. This is also an important factor to identify geniuses in learning.

Obviously, if your IQ is high, your chances of getting good grades will be much easier than those of your peers. Your analytical ability, thinking plus your fair language communication ability allow you to solve many difficult questions, problems in less time by thinking for yourself or receiving simple suggestions in when your friends had to scratch their heads for hours.

There will be real advantages for smart people, geniuses to get a ticket on a successful flight. So is our success determined by our IQ? Actually, it’s not! Because of the following reasons:

1. Success is everyone complete goal, but IQ is not a whole factor!

You can have a high IQ based on the results assessed on the IQ test but it is not quite meaningful in assessing your ability to solve problems in life. For example, Richard Nisbett - Professor of psychology at the University of Michigan said that

IQ cannot measure creativity or ability to explore curiosity of people.

It's like doing a lot of tables and being able to decode a bunch of math concepts by famous mathematicians like the Thales or the Pythagorean, but it's not the same thing as you can become an entrepreneur. As for language skills, a fact that you see or experience every day is the ability to remember structures and words like a genius.

Intelligence in academic subject does not mean intelligence in social activities!

Maybe you are fluent in grammar structures and that will assist you a lot in translation and research but it cannot help you communicate better, more naturally and create many relationships. Relationship with foreign partners is important because simply the style between studying and communicating in life or communicating at work is an ocean of distance.

Having a high IQ is like having hands, eyes, a brain. That is the advantage to DEVELOP YOURSELF, but that is not the only factor. But to be successful, more specifically, to do what you want in life, to become Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack ghost you need more than that. IQ is an important parameter but we and righteous people with high IQ can only represent fast problem solving, reasoning, logic, meanwhile, intelligence is generally combined and represents many things including and relationships, soft skills, decisive communication, ability to regulate one's own behavior. These are all managed by your mental capabilities! It is your attitude in the process of achieving a certain goal that is definitely an important factor.

2. IQ change from time

When it comes to success, people often think of those who are endowed with a superior brain than humans, but few people know that there is another type of intelligence that can be formed by training, experience, and learning beside the fluid IQ form. That is the crystallized intelligence index (as mentioned above). This is the most existing wisdom type and is also appreciated based on one's ability to endeavor and improve oneself.

This type of IQ has the property of being easily changed at a specific time, especially when stress occurs or people have nutritional problems. More. Even modern scientists cannot prove that the genius of a child from 3 or 4 years old can maintain the years of school compared to friends of the same age or not. cultivated and developed by books for older grades.

It is easy to see that in the ability to use language, IQ is an important condition for becoming a linguist, their pronunciation skills, vocabulary memorization, but not synonymous with a natural talent born in another country without prior language exposure can be as proficient as a true native speaker.

You must have heard that Mozart is famous as a musical prodigy from the age of 3 when he was able to play back piano tunes that have only been heard for the first time on hidden keys, but that will not be possible if he did not take him further on the musical path in the future, and if there was no process of training and cultivating.

Can Mozart be successful without extensive training and passion for music?

One more factor, which is timing. Many studies have shown that, IQ is most evident in adults and at each historical stage, there are different results, depending on the progress of the questioning system and personal ability. Only of each person and of course the following test generation always requires higher knowledge than the previous generation.

Moreover, what is IQ is not easily determined on the general number but must be placed on a certain scale. Albert Einstein has an IQ of 160 (Standard Deviation: 16) but it is not clear on which scale Newton's index is 190. Obviously, if you change the time IQ measurement and the scales, the IQ results returned for each person cannot be fixed.

V. IQ is not the one key for success

The question is, if you only spend time decoding your IQ and whether you are smarter than anyone, are we wasting too much time? Besides the most accurate information on IQ or measuring IQ, there are also many documents that document more important factors than IQ can determine career success such as EQ (Parameter emotional intelligence).

In the theory of 7 types of intelligence taught by Howard Gardner, the IQ test is only a form to "quantify" a part of human intelligence.

To be more precise, this test merely measures the ability to think and logic, meanwhile, to be able to survive in this world, to work effectively, to be able to control yourself to live together. for everyone, more kinds of "intelligence" are needed.
Maybe you are not as smart as Bill Gates, but you can still be a leader because your executive ability is very good, your ability to communicate and network relationships is good and important. than you are effortless and ethical.

Having a high IQ score is not enough, practice and knowledge management is more important!

Meanwhile, Hitler - also known for his intelligence of over 140, but instead of judging it as success, he has always been the symbol of a terrifying failure and conservative of humanity. IQ rich people can be good at math problems, but that doesn't mean they can become architects or writers, musicians or singers ... because the existing IQ tests do not have measurement features. how is your creative power?

"Sowing thoughts, reaping actions
Sowing words, reaping habits"

Only when you have a serious attitude towards what you do, persevere to develop your own abilities, then human intelligence. new does not become wasteful.
The fact has shown that many students, students with high IQs, can achieve very good academic results, but it is unlikely to be as successful as those with lower IQ than creativity and intelligence. curiosity and the ability to "live with people" is better.
Of course, no one, a perfect tool can accurately measure human creativity or the quality of a product based on on creativity, even the flawless mind that our society is overestimating in such a way as Google's and the standard of defining "top" products. your intelligence and creativity in life to do what you want.

Hope that the above information that we provide above about WHAT IS IQ and the explanation around IQ about success or failure will really help you. Do not pay too much attention to how much your IQ is, but focus on the habits that help you maximize your own qualities, abilities and values. Love!