• Number of questions: 26
  • Time: 24 minutes
  • The difficulty will be increased through the process.
  • Content: 100% picture, you can do the online IQ Test no matter if you went to school or not.

Notes before the test:

  1. The test will stop when time’s up so you need to be quick in every question
  2. The suitable age for the test is above 16
  3. To ensure fairness for other people in the future, please don’t share answers out.
  4. If the IQ scores result is above 130, it will be an honor to invite you to join us.
  5. You should do the test in a quiet place, probably when you feel most comfortable.
  6. To people who test IQ and get result over 130, we will be honor to welcome you join in High IQ members.
  7. Wish you have the best performance for this free IQ test.

What is IQ?

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is called intelligence score of each person. This is a concept introduced in the late 19th century by British scientist Francis Galton. There are many ways to measure the Intelligence Quotient, but the most common way is to use IQ tests.

A human intelligence analyst, Lisa Van Gemert, said people with high intelligence levels are more likely to be able to manipulate, process and analyze information at a deeper level and at a faster rate compared to ordinary people. The average IQ of humans is 100.

How much IQ score is considered to be smart?

IQ Test of less than 85, in the low type: takes a proportion of 16%

IQ Test of 85-115, in the normal type: takes a proportion of 68% world population

IQ Test of 115-130, in the intelligent type: takes a proportion of 14%

IQ Test from 130 to 145, in the very smart type: takes a proportion of 2%

IQ Test of 145 or above, genius or close-to-genius type: takes a proportion of 0.1%

How to measure IQ score?

For the first time, IQ score was introduced in France at the beginning of the 20th century. After that, the Intelligence Quotient multiple-choice test was considered to be the most complete by expert Hans Eysenck. The test became extremely popular in Europe in the 1950s.

To measure IQ score, you need to take the standardized IQ test. The goal of these tests is to analyze ability on language, mathematics, image processing as well as the memory and processing speed of each person. The standard IQ tests used by clinical psychologists to diagnose are also complex. The scores given at the end are relative and adjusted based on the research results of many people at the same age.

Does IQ change over time?

There are many factors that cause IQ to change over time, such as stressor nutrition. Professor Nisbett's research shows that low socioeconomic children who are adopted and living in middle-class families will be able to increase their IQ by 15-20 points.

How to increase IQ?

Intelligence can "change" as we increase our learning skills. You can improve IQ by the following ways.

Play crossword

Studies show that crossword puzzles help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. So, download crossword games right now to your phone.

Supplement turmeric to your body

This spice contains curcumin which is thought to lower the risk of mental retardation.

Do exercise

Aerobic exercises not only help strengthen the muscles but also help to improve the brain. Walking 30 minutes a day helps the body produce BDNF- a molecule that leads to the formation of new neurons and synapses.

Play a musical instrument

Try to play a musical instrument such as guitar, drum, etc. This will stimulate activities in the cerebral cortex to control memory and to coordinate better activities. A lot of researches have proven this.

According to a 2011 survey, children's intelligence scores from 4 to 6 years of age increased markedly after only a month of taking music lessons, especially musical instruments.

In addition, according to professor Glenn Schellenberg's research at the University of Toronto (Canada), most of the most accomplished students in the school are those who have studied music.

Supplement Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a role in developing brain health. Scientists have found a way to metabolize vitamin D in the hippocampal and cerebellum regions, which are related to the acquisition, processing, and formation of new information. Pregnant women should have enough vitamin D to develop baby's brain. In older adults, research has shown that low vitamin D levels are associated with decreased brain function, and increased vitamin D levels may help to restore brain function.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is not only necessary for body regeneration, but it is also a prerequisite for keeping the spirit fresh and able to find innovative solutions to old problems. Sleep removes the limitations and helps "re-launch" the brain to look at the problem from another perspective, which is essential for creativity. Sleep is also known as a way to improve memory, helps you train and improve the performance of the brain.

Take deep breath

Deep breathing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your brain's ability to work. As a result of deep breathing, the amount of air in the brain is greater so the brain will work more efficiently.

Fish oil (salmon, mackerel, sardines)

More than half of our brain is made up of fat, and more than 65% of these are fatty acids in the Omega group. These important fats help to produce and develop brain cells, maintain cell membrane flexibility, and play a major role in neuronal activity. As a rule, try to eat at least twice a week the above fish types to help sharping the brain.

Whole grains

Cereals rich in fiber combined with vegetables, fruits, nuts, wine and olive oil can fight oxidation, inflammation and other cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure.

Learn a foreign language

There are studies suggesting that learning a foreign language can make people smarter. Young children who have been taught foreign languages ​​are smarter than other children. Learning a foreign language can increase your memory, your ability to receive and process information, feelings and reflexes, moreover, it also helps you understand more about a culture.