Hitler was a German politician who led the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He initiated World War II in Europe and invaded Poland in September 1933. Although he was a cruel leader, he used to dream to be an artist. Here are 5 things that you never know about Hitler.

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Hitler used to want to be an artist when he was young. Although Hitler IQ test score was estimated at 141, he failed the application round for the Art Institutes Vienna 2 times (1907 and 1908). Then he left school when he was 16 without any certifications.

Hitler fought for the army in World War I for 4 years and he was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross, Second Class in 1914.

Hitler used to be homeless and had to live on Vienna streets for 4 years. He earned money by selling the postcards which were made by himself.

II. The life of Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a vegetarian. His father name is Alois Schicklgruber, but Hitler changed his name into Alois Hitler in 1876. Hitler suffered from flatulence and he had to use 28 different medicine to treat this disease.

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His girlfriend and finally his wife, Eva Braun used to suicide 2 times in order to attract his attention. Hitler did not like waking up early. He did usually wake up at 2pm.

Hitler had a portrait of Henry Ford, who was a founder of Ford Motor Company. Ford was an inspiration of Hitler at that time.

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Hitler addicted to movies, especially he loved Marika Roekk, a Germany actress. “Heil Hitler” dance was inspired from cheerleaders. Hitler was nominated the Peace Nobel Prize in 1939.

adolph hitler iq

Hilter hated dentists. He got halitosis and gums’ problems. His first love was a Jewish girl – Stefanie Isak. He wrote a lot of poetry for her. He has a high IQ score and IQ test free online becomes popular all over the world. This is really amazing to people can experience test IQ effectively.

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