Who is the Pobelter 200 IQ?

In the League of Legends no one doesn’t know the name Pobelter - He topped the challenge to South Korea, North America, Africa do not know how many times but wade hard on the professional arena. Pobelter is famous for his level of personal skills, he has played many Korean players, his ability to concentrate well with the Outplay. With his saying in the streaming, this guy has been nicknamed the Pobelter 200 IQ. How is this story?

I. Why is the Pobelter 200 IQ?

The IQ of over 145 represents only 0.13% of the world's population, and genius scientist Albert Einstein has an IQ of 160. So if Pobelter has an IQ of 200 it is definitely the only genius in the world!

However, this is just a nickname that the gamer gave to this guy when in a video he said "I had 200 IQ". It's just a League meme that started when Pobelter was streaming and saying the game was pure intellect and the reason he could land skillshots was because of his "200 IQ".

pobelter iq
Although he's just a nickname, this guy is really talented when he has passed the Wonderlic test with a total score of 70% higher than the NFL (National Football League). The Wonderlic test is the same  an IQ test with 50 questions, scoring based on correct answers in 12 minutes. A score of 20 would be equivalent to an IQ of 100, and a center would typically score a score of 24. So the nickname Pobelter 200 IQ is well worth it!

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II. Who is this Pobelter 200 IQ?

In 2010, at the age of 14, using the name of the character is Pobelter, Eugene Park immediately "To lay down the law" of the League of Legends. The name Pobelter was revealed by Eugene Park: It does not mean anything, as a kid I put it so cools and so use it!
The Pobelter 200 IQ quickly became famous for being in the TOP of the top picks during the Beta and Season 1 of the Sion with the style of magical power in the middle.

The growth of this young man on the table due to admiration for high-middle-class idol of CLG - bigfatlp.
pobelter 200 iq
Pobelter 200 IQ joined unRestricted eSports during Season 1 and quickly reached the target of Team Curse and was recruited. Pobelter goes up the road, Lapaka goes to the forest, Nyjacky walks in the middle, DontMashMe is in the main gunner position and finally LiQuiD112 in the position of the general. Bring him to 4th place in the Raleigh MLG 2011.

Then Pobelter was replaced by the official team by Jonathan "Westrice" Nguyen because the park is not old enough to participate in the competition. At age 15, Pobelter was not allowed to participate in tournaments organized by Riot Games or ESL. Despite being a talented teenager, Pobelter was still waiting and could only play in Team Curse's official squad from the second half of Season 2 onwards.

After his play at the Meat Playground for the second half of Season 2, the Pobelter 200 IQ returned to Curse under the new lineup. Curse Academy is like the youngest brother of Team Curse, including Rhux on the road, IWillDominate on the forest, Pobelter on the middle, Altec on the main gunner and YoDa on the defensive. With the start of the LCS in North America and Europe, the competition between teams began to heat up: forcing the likes of the Pobelter 200 IQ to compete for the top spot.

Other teams and win the championship in the CLG Premier League, NESL Premier League V, "We will do it Ourselves" Cup.
pobelter iq test
In addition to their winning sequels, they still failed to make it to # 2 on the SoloMid IPL6. Potelter and Altec became superstars under the name of Curse Academy. . Although the two players are too young to qualify for the LCS, the skills of both in the singles and in the competition are impressive for the fans.

After leaving Team Curse, the 200 IQ Pobelter was a member of nine teams before joining Team Liquid in November 2017. Pobelter played for CLG and IMT before joining Team Liquid. Pobelter is the player with the best statistics so he easily gets the trust from his teammates. Certainly, the Pobelter will contribute significantly to Team Liquid's success.

After more than seven years of competition and winning many top honors, the Pobelter 200 IQ's goal is "I want to be a top player someday. This is my goal. I want them to say, Wait for the Pobelter process. I want to be recognized like that!, No one can deny the ability of the 200 IQ in the International Federation of the Legend. Although only a community nickname, but Eugene Park deserves the Pobelter 200 IQ! We all believe that the boy born in 1996 will continue to develop his abilities and create more success!"
Wish his goal will come true soon!

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