Alicia Keys - 154

I. What is Alicia Keys's IQ? 

Alicia Keys is one of Hollywood's most admired intellectuals with a high IQ rate - 154. Graduated with the highest honors from the professional performing arts school at the age of 16 and was invited to the world's top Columbia university. But Alicia Keys decided to give up to pursue a singing career. And she proved her turn right with the explosion of the first Album.

Alicia Keys is considered a simple female singer, away from the market of showbiz. She actively devotes herself to the arts, participates in charity organizations and always spreads positive energy to everyone around her. The spirit of optimism with good health is the main reason for her timeless beauty.

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II. Some information about Alicia Keys

Born and raised in the black neighborhood of Harlem, Alicia Keys tries to keep the special touches of this habitat in every corner of her life. She was signed to a recording contract by Columbia at the age of 16, soon after graduating valedictorian at New York's School of Professional Performing Arts. Since the release of her worldwide breakthrough album Song in A Minor in 2001, Alicia Keys has "harvested" an unprecedented record, 15 Grammy Awards, is the queen of platinum records, released 7 studio albums and sold more than 30 million copies. To be exact, it must be 15.5 golden trumpets. Because at the 2005 Grammy Awards, John Mayer broke the golden trumpet he received to give half to Alicia Keys, because he felt the song If I Ain't Got You also deserved to win Song of the Year. less than his work. 

The dark-skinned R&B girl has gone on a straight, untroubled path of success, whether her musical journey in the entertainment industry is filled with cat games, behind-the-scenes gimmicks, or storm of press language. always surrounded. Keys is probably a rare star who doesn't have to work hard to rely on anyone or go through the "lights out and redo" segments for his career. For her, every time she creates, she feels that she has done the best, produced the most satisfying product, and is completely confident in the successful flowering of her brain children.

In addition to a gift for jazz and classical music and has been able to play the piano since the age of 7, Alicia Keys also enjoys choosing gems for fun. They are like milestones marking each of her journeys, such as succeeding in the music world, experiencing levels of love and discovering motherhood.

alicia keys information iq
US musician Alicia Keys performs during the "Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant"

In the past few years, she has "transformed", from a leading singer-songwriter and pianist in the entertainment industry, to a passionate producer, actress, and social activist. Keys is a co-founder of Keep a Child Alive, which helps bring special medicine to HIV/AIDS-affected families in Africa and India, as well as combat social stigma against patients. . More recently, she co-founded She Is the Music, a non-profit organization that organizes all-female songwriting and mentoring camps, with the goal of creating gender equality in the music industry.

With Alicia, women are at a higher standard because they occupy an important position in human evolution. Because women are responsible for many essential roles in life, women really have strength among the greatest species on the blue planet. This feminist view has been clearly expressed in a number of song titles such as A Woman's Worth, Superwoman or Girl on Fire... Two words "energy" is also the term Alicia Keys used most often during the seasons she participated as a judge on The Voice.

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