Brian May - 180

I. What is Brian May's IQ? 

Brian May possesses a very high IQ - 180. It is equivalent to geniuses in the world like Albert Einstein. Therefore, it is not surprising that he has so many talents and achieved so much success.

Looking at Brian May's academic and scientific career, we must recognize him as genuine, when it seems that being a rock legend is still not enough. He possesses the most precious qualities of a scientist and has made admirable contributions and achievements since his youth. Besides his dedication to music and science, Brian May is also known as an expert in stereophotography.

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II. Some information about Brian May

Referring to the legendary rock band Queen, next to a great monument, Freddie Mercury, we cannot ignore an important piece of the puzzle, Brian May - lead guitarist, and also a participant in composing and performing in the song. many songs of the group. Indeed, no one can deny him as a strange phenomenon in the rock music industry. Partly because of his unique artistic personality, partly because of personality traits that are probably "the exact opposite" of the typical image of a rock guitarist.

Indeed, one of the bright spots that make up the brand of the rock band Queen is the meticulous and complex arrangement of many parts. That is not only shown through the singing but also in the very different guitar sound of Brian May. Sometimes it screams fiercely and harshly, when it is warm and melodious, it is no less than a classical instrument. Listening to Queen's albums, it's hard to believe that Brian can create such diverse sounds with just an electric guitar. Something associated with his half-century-long artistic career - The Red Special. With it he weaves the guitar solos that go down in history (in “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Brighton Rock”…), or sometimes simulate the effects of a symphony orchestra (in “Procession”, “Death on”. Two Legs” …) and the sound of what is not a guitar (in “Good Company”, “Get Down Make Love”…).

In the early years, musician-guitarist Cliff Richard and the instrumental rock band The Shadows of the 50s and 60s were his main artistic influences. Besides, big monuments like Jimi Hendrix and the band The Beatles, The Who were also mentioned by May as his "guitar hero" and "inspiration".

brian may information iq
Brian May, performs on stage at Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 21st June 1993

However, if an artist only absorbs artistic influences without their own developments and variations, they will simply become an unremarkable copy in the music market. Obviously Brian May didn't go into the "falling down" of those mid-tier guitarists. His guitar has a unique character that is made up of experimentation and tinkering with The Red Special itself and a variety of sound equipment.

It seems that Brian May has been given more than one mission in a lifetime. In addition to a musical career with a huge legacy, he is also known as a scientist in astrophysics, an expert in holograms and an environmental philanthropist. and animal rights. His personality is also reflected in the role of a son, husband and father with the responsibilities and love attached to them.

Brian May graduated from the general education program at Hampton Grammar School with 10 basic and 3 advanced degrees in Mathematics, Physics and Applied Mathematics. He then attended Imperial College London where he majored in Physics and Mathematics, graduating in 1968 with a bachelor's degree with honors. From 1970-1974, during the time when the band Queen was active, Brian researched for his doctoral thesis on the topic of jet speed of cosmic dust in the solar system. Of course, balancing art making with scientific research is a big challenge. Determined to pursue music, he gave up his PhD, after co-authoring two papers published in the prestigious scientific journal "Nature". However, the career story of the talented young man at that time, fortunately, had a happy ending.

While the band Queen has enjoyed huge success, Brian's love of science, especially astrophysics, has never cooled down. He completed most of his thesis early in 1978 and continued to experiment and observe the sky for 33 years. In 2006, he submitted his research to Imperial College London. His work was recognized and Brian Harold May was awarded his doctorate a year later.

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