I. What is Nolan Gould IQ test?

Nolan Gould, better known as Luke Dunphy on the hit show Modern Family has a brilliant IQ of 150. Nolan Gould IQ qualifies him to join Mensa International, the more prestigious IQ society in the world. He not only has an IQ of 140, but he graduated high school at the age of 13, and plays many instruments from the banjo to the mandolin and didgeridoo.

Nolan Gould himself is a member of Mensa, graduated high school via GED at the age of 13 and has an IQ of 150. The overachiever can also play sitars.
nolan gould iq
Nolan Gould IQ 150. You can test your IQ by Click here

II. Something you did not know about Nolan Gould – “A modern Family Children”

When he was 7, before began acting, Rodriguez thought he had be a “NASCAR chef going to the moon”. What the fuck was he thinking? Nolan Gould, who plays Luke Dunphy also has a brother in the business because that is how these families work. Here is Aiden Gould in a movie called Julia with Tilda Swinton.

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Unlike his trouble-maker “Modern Family” character Luke Dunphy, He is anything but doltish. With an IQ of 150, the young actor is a member of Mensa, the largest IQ test high range society in the world. He is also earned popular and critical acclaim for his role in the award-winning show. He said in a recent interview with Celebuzz that it was “an honor and such a blessing” when the show won its third consecutive Emmy award for Best Comedy Series this year.

“As I am driving in my limo, I am like, ‘wait a second, I am 13 this is my third time at the Emmys’'. He told Ellen.
what is nolan gould iq

Clearly, Nolan Gould is a teen of many talents. Check out the video above to watch his conversation with Ellen, hear him play the banjo and watch him do the horse trot dance. As a member of the class of 2012, Nolan is in good company, some of our other favorite stars received their diplomas this year.
modern family nolan gould iq
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