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I. What is Steve Martin's IQ? 

Steve Martin has an IQ of 142. He belongs to the group of very intelligent people, accounting for 2.1% of the world population. His intelligence is reflected in many aspects and the success of his career.

Steve Martin is a multi-talented artist. He is both a screenwriter and an outstanding comedian actor, associated with films such as Cheaper by the Dozen, Parenthood, Father of the bride, The pink panther... and three times hosted the award ceremony Oscar.

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II. Some information about Steve Martin

Steve Martin was born August 14, 1945, Waco, Texas, United States. He is an American comedian, writer, and producer who began his career as a stand-up comic and eventually achieved success in film , television , Broadway and in literature .

Without a doubt, Steve Martin is a classic character and whether he's serious or funny he's definitely what you call a good movie. His comedy can be a bit dry depending on how it's used in the movie but at the same time he knows how to deliver dialogue and make it work no matter what movie he's in. He's the type who talks more with the looks he sometimes does with his words and can get his point across by saying very little. When he's on screen, it's hard not to laugh unless he's in a completely serious movie because he has a way of talking about him that suggests that at any moment he could say something. funny and has everyone in the stitch. His earlier material seems to get more attention than anything he's done lately, but as an actor, he's still one of the best.

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LOS ANGELES,CA - CIRCA 1980: Comedian Steve Martin plays the banjo in concert in Los Angeles,California.

He is also the second comedian honored by the AFI after veteran Mel Brooks in 2013. With the goal of awarding "talented actors who have contributed to the development of American cinema and have been recognized by critics, actors in the profession as well as the public for a long time", AFI has decided to dedicate the most important award of the year to honor Steve Martin's nearly five-decade long film career.

He is a multi-talented artist while working as a comedian, composer, musician, screenwriter, and film producer. In a statement on the AFI's website, President Howard Stringer said, "Steve Martin is a true American, enterprising and creative, freely creative without being tied to any rules or regulations. which limit. He's always been the initiator and leader of the trends."

Steve Martin started his acting career with the movie The Jerk in 1979. After that, he continued to achieve success with the films Pennies from Heaven, Three Amigos!, Little Shop of Horrors, Roxanne and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Father of the Bride, Cheaper By the Dozen…

He also released four comedy albums between 1977 and 1981 and won two Grammy Awards for "Best Comedy Album of the Year" with Let's Get Small and A Wild and Crazy Guy. The ceremony to honor and award Steve Martin took place on June 4, 2015 in Los Angeles, USA.

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