With an IQ of 184, James Wood has an IQ score higher than Einstein and on pair with Leonardo Da Vinci himself. He scored an astonishing 1579 in SAT include maximum score 800 in reading and 779 in math. Many people think that people with high intelligence tend to work in the lab, become a professor, research and gain Nobel prize. But it turn out is not the case with James Wood.

james wood iq
James Wood IQ 184. 
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I. Events in the Life of James Woods

James Howard Woods is famous for his villainous role in a variety of films, including Once Upon a Time in America, Salvador, Ghost of Missisipi, Family Guy, Hercules, My name is Bill W….  He was born in 1947, studied high school in Pilgrim school in Warwick, Rhode Island. He later decided to pursuit an Algebra degree in Los Angeles University.

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In the “Inside the Actors Studio” show,Woods himself reveal that he has an astonishing IQ score of 184, a genius level score. And he also a member of the infamous MENSA, an organization for extremely intelligent people with IQ score of 139 at least.

In 1995, Woods attended SAT and get a very high score of  1579 include maximum 800 in verbal test and 779 in math test (Bill Gate himself scored 1590). Which lead him to a sponsorship in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In time when he studied in MIT, he joined Thema Delta Chi fraternity, as well as Dramashop club where he both acted in and directed number of plays which had turned his interest. Later, he drop MIT to pursue a career in acting and achieved various prize and honor include three Emmy Award and two nominated Academic Award.

II. Film career of James Wood

In The Onion Field (1979), Woods portrayed a heartless cop killer, perhaps his darkest character to date. Critics and audiences alike were riveted by his performance. He received his first Oscar nomination for Salvador (1986) for his portrayal of a journalist who drives to El Salvador to document the country's military dictatorship.

james wood iq

Also, Woods took on a challenging film role. He tackled the part of Byron De La Beckwith, the suspected killer of Medgar Evers, the African - American civil rights activist, in 1996's Ghosts of Mississippi. His portrayal brought Woods his second Oscar nomination -- this time in the best supporting actor category.

Although recently his activities on Twitter has severly hampered his image in his fans and Hollywood, the 184 IQ score genius James Wood surely had a career to be remember.
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