Paul Allen - 170

I. What is Paul Allen's IQ? 

Paul Allen owns a genius IQ - 170. This number has partly shown his intelligence. It was revealed very clearly when the whole world knew that he was the man who supported Bill Gates in the early years of founding the Microsoft company.

Paul Allen has made important contributions to the Microsoft company, the software industry, and to the community. As a co-founder of Microsoft, with a calm and persistent demeanor, he created magical products and experiences that changed the world.

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II. Some information about Paul Allen

Born in 1953 in Seattle, Washington, Paul Allen met Bill Gates - a 12-year-old student but had a strong passion for computers at the age of 14. Less than a decade later, in 1975, college dropouts Allen and Gates founded Microsoft together. In 1983, after being diagnosed with lymphoma, Allen left Microsoft and continued to pursue business, research, and philanthropic opportunities. According to Forbes, as of 2016, he is one of the richest people in America with a net worth of about $19 billion.

As Microsoft grew, Allen's stock in the company made him a billionaire at just over 30 years old. In addition to Microsoft, Allen began focusing on other projects in the hope of finding new ideas. In 1986, he founded a company called Vulcan Ventures to research potential investments. Then, in 1992, he founded a research lab in Silicon Valley. Through Vulcan Ventures and Interval Research, Allen wants to help create a society where everyone is "online".

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Microsoft Co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen pose for a portrait in 1984 in Seattle, Washington.

Allen invests in a variety of areas such as advertising services, online financial services, hardware, software, and wireless communications. From 1994 to 1998, he built an infrastructure of more than 30 different companies to pursue his "connected world" strategy. With the 1998 acquisition of Marcus Cable and more than 90% of Charter Communications, Allen became the owner of America's 7th largest cable company. In 1999, he invested nearly $2 billion in RCN Corporation, bringing his total stake in the cable and Internet businesses to more than $25 billion.

In addition, he invests heavily in media production and entertainment. In total, Allen has invested in more than 100 media companies, including the famous DreamWorks studio and Oxygen Media - a company co-founded by female billionaire Oprah Winfrey operating in the field of producing programs for children. women.

Billionaire Allen owns the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team and the Seattle Seahawks football team. In June 2000, his $250 million Experience Music Project opened in Seattle. In 2003, he continued to spend $ 20 million to build the Science Fiction Experience museum. In addition, he has established many philanthropic foundations for medical research, visual and performing arts development, community service, and forest protection. He owns the Octopus, one of the largest yachts in the world with a length of more than 121m and has repeatedly used this yacht for rescue missions and scientific exploration.

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