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What is Melanie Trump’s IQ? And how did she get the Einstein visa?

One time, Melania said: ““No one knows this, but I am the smartest fashion model the fashion industry has ever known. I have an I.Q. of over 200 on the Terman scale”.In addition, She got green card through program for people with ‘extraordinary ability’ it called "the Einstein visa" in 2001 through the elite EB-1 program.

Therefore, we can confirm that Melanie Trump IQ is definitely high.

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I. Biography of Melania Trump IQ

Melania Trump's full name is Melania Knavs, who was born on April 26, 1970, is a former Slovenian-American model and First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. She was born in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, in the Yugoslav Republic, today known as the Independent Republic of Slovenia. She became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a US citizen in 2006.

Melania Trump started a modeling career at the age of 16 when she collaborated with Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko. At 18, she signed a contract with a modeling agency in Milano, Italy. She won runner-up in the fashion contest "Look of the Year" organized by Jana Magazine in 1992 in Ljubljana, and became one of the three international models that signed them. After leaving Ljubljana University, she modeled for fashion houses in Milano and Paris before moving to New York City in 1996.

Her contract and visa negotiations were conducted by an Italian businessman, Paolo Zampolii. She regularly appears on the covers of popular fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar (Bulgaria), Ocean Drive, In Style Weddings, New York Magazine, Avenue, Allure, Vanity Fair (Italy), Vogue and GQ (UK). She is famous as a bikini model for Sports Illustrated magazine and she also collaborates with Irene Marie Management Group and Trump Model Management, as well as participating in advertising campaigns for the brand.

After moving to New York City in 1996, Melania met Donald Trump for the first time at Fashion Week in New York City on September 1998 while Donald Trump was living separately from Marla. The New York Times wrote after the 2016 elections, Epstein was "claiming that he was the one who introduced Trump to his third wife."However, Trump told People, "I tried to get her number and she wouldn't give it to me." Their relationship drew attention after a 1999 interview on The Howard Stern Show. 

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In 2000, Melania appeared with Donald Trump when he campaigned for the Reform Party presidential election. Their relationship was made public after the reality TV show The Apprentice launched in 2004, starring Donald Trump as producer and MC. They got engaged in April 2004 and got married on January 22, 2005, at Palm Beach Church, Florida, and held a party at Trump's mansion Mar-A-Lago. In 2006, she became a mother at birth to the president of a son named Barron William Trump.

With an impressive profile of her, surely people will give Melania Trump special attention regardless of her IQ score.

II. What is Melania Trump IQ score

Melania Trump said that she "is smart and totally deserved” the Green Card she obtained through the EB-1 programs or the “Einstein visa”.

The former GQ Magazine cover model said that her extremely high IQ score and marginal success as a fashion model were “More than enough” to qualify her for the Einstein visa.

Mrs. Trump said before proving her intelligence by solving differential equations and giving her thoughts on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, “No one knows this, but I am the smartest fashion model the fashion industry has ever known. I have an I.Q. of over 200 on the Terman scale”. 

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Melania's biography on President-elect Donald Trump's website states that she decided to "postpone studying to pursue a modeling career in Milan and Paris," the fashion capital of the world. This biography does not determine whether the wife of the billionaire will return to the university later to complete the study, and the website also says that Melania has a degree in architecture and design from a school in Slovenia, her hometown. This page was then merged into Trump's official website.

However, professor Blaz Matija Vogelnik of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), who once taught Melania, asserted to NBC News that the First Lady of the United States did not complete the course. "She certainly has not graduated from university, at least in Ljubljana", Vogelnik said.

The professor also shared his own feelings about Melania: "It is a very beautiful woman who can achieve more without having to study hard for a long time".

He also said Melania had gone through a difficult entrance examination to be accepted into college. "Based on this result, I think her IQ score is very high", he said.

From the above evidence, we can confirm that Melania's IQ is extremely high.

III. Interesting facts about Melania that set her apart from the other First Ladies

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1. In the past 200 years, Melania was the First Lady that was not born in the United States

She is only the second First Lady in American history who was born outside the United States, in Slovenia. The first other foreign-born First Lady was Louisa Catherine Johnson, wife of John Quincy Adams; she was born in England.

2. Melania Trump was also the only First Lady of the United State to grow up in a Communist country when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia

Although the economy of the small town of Sevnica was quite tight, people who knew her later said she was "always very fancy" and "never wore anything from the store". She is also the only First Lady whose first language was not English.

3. Melania Trump is a multilingual person

She can speak more languages than any First Lady before her: English, French, German, Italian and Serbian, in addition to her native language.

4. Melania Trump is the only first lady to be her husband's third spouse

Donald Trump was previously married to Marla Maples until 1999, and, before that, Ivana Trump until 1992.

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5. Melania's independence gives the president a much better image

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump's media director, said: "Melania is very independent and does not depend on her husband". This made Melania a favorite of the public. According to a CNN survey, the support of the First Lady was 48%, higher than the Presidential support rate (38%).

6. The way Melania expresses herself in public has received a lot of support

While Donald Trump is well known for his attention, his wife rarely receives interviews and speaks to the community. She quietly attended events and rarely spoke in front of the press.

Even if the president's outspoken words can make the public feel fresh and content, politicians often do not appreciate it. However, the way Melania expresses herself in public has received a lot of support.

7. President Trump is a fast-food addict while his wife follows a healthy diet

When moving to New York, friends commented that Melania often avoided parties. Instead, she exercises, goes to bed early, eats healthily. So far, Lady Trump still maintains a habit of eating seven kinds of fruit each day.

8. Melania Trump is the second First Lady who is a practicing Catholic 

This is a popular religion in Slovenia, the home of Melania. The first was Jaqueline Kennedy. This made her trip to the Vatican meeting with Pope Francis in May last year significantly special. When she met Pope, she held out rosary beads for him to bless.

9. Unlike the other First Lady, Trump delayed the move to the White House until five months after her husband's presidency

Though Melania is evading the role of First Lady, Melania says the delay for the White House in Washington is for Barron's son to finish his studies in New York.

After moving to Washington, Melania made some sympathy for the White House staff. The people who worked here thought that Melania's caring made her stand out among the other presidential families.

There are some speculations that the Presidential couple "spend less time together," "sleep in different rooms" and "separate scheduled activities." Even so, there is a conspiracy theory that Melania does not live in the White House but lives with her parents in a house near her son's school. Melania's spokeswoman denied the information. President Trump's marriage remains one of the most intriguing topics for the media and the public. 

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10. Melania Trump stands out from her predecessors with her quiet manner and reserved personality

Her friends have described her as a homebody who often retires from events early and avoids being the center of attention.

11. Melania Trump is the only First Lady ever to photograph nude for magazines, including a British GQ photo spread in 2000

She was a successful model, famous for Sports Illustrated magazines, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and GQ. In addition to her modeling career, Melania was a businesswoman who owns the jewelry brand in 2010 and a line of skincare products with caviar in 2013. Possessing a height of 5-foot-11, Melania is the highest First Lady in history, alongside Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt.

12. What Melania has expressed is increasingly showing that she became more suited as a First Lady

Despite widespread criticism when compared to Michelle Obama, Melania Trump is gradually asserting that she is a beautiful person, often appearing with beautiful clothes and able to express herself separately and independently from her husband. As a result, people no longer interested in Melania Trump’s IQ and began to acknowledge her success.
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