How to teach your child with IQ 112

Intelligence is a genetic gift or can be nurtured and developed in the right environment. It is clear that intelligence is influenced by genetics, but scientific studies have also begun to show that certain approaches can promote learning and intellectual development in young children. So, with 112 IQ your child can also become a genius thanks to two simple ways:

I. Make a habit of reading for your child

Reading really is a simple way that definitely improves learning and cognitive development children of all ages. Read a book from a young age, sign up for a library card and have plenty of books in your home. Your child will receive the following benefits:

1. Improves memory

The brain is a great part to help children remember in reading whether to skim through. New memory will be associated with new synapses (chain reactions in the brain) and enhance existing ones, support short-term memory as well as balance mood.

This will be easy for children to remember the characters, backgrounds, and nuances ... as well as the details of the characters in each story they read. This is hard to remember with a depressed child. but can be done by reading. By improving memory, your child's IQ scores will rise rapidly from 112 IQ to geniuses.

112 iq
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2. Improved focus

When reading a book, all the attention of the child is focused on the story, every little detail. The world around the child seems to disappear. Allowing children to read at least 15 to 20 minutes a day enhances the brain's ability to concentrate and to focus in all situations, reinforcing coordination between senses and organs.

And when we stop reading, the brain usually emits a warning signal to the body that it is time to sleep. This will help children fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up in the morning to benefit the health of the child. 

3. Enhance good living skills

Every child's words, thoughts, and actions, especially depressed children, are always absorbed through books. This is a very useful tool to give children a good life. Depressed children learn to harmonize themselves with the community, the surrounding environment, the society and the whole of humanity, and acquire better living skills through reading. Every good book you spend with your child will always be a good foundation for children to expand their vocabulary. 

Reading can help a lot after recovering from depression. Children will be able to speak in specific contexts, which will improve their speaking and writing skills fluently. 

4. Helps develop creativity

After the teachers from Obafemi Awolowo University proposed to put comics into the curriculum at the elementary level. They found that color images accompanied by simple words had a positive effect on the artistic ability and creativity of children. Children's creativity is highly dependent on emotions, situations and often unsustainable. Reading helps keep children's knowledge and good ideas that make the child's creativity fully developed. So soon your child's IQ will soar from 112 IQ to the point of genius.


iq 112

5. Avoid the risk of Alzheimer's disease

Reading can actually increase the power of brain tissue immediately. When reading, the brain is stimulated and this frequent stimulation can help prevent brain disorders that prevent children from future Alzheimer's (memory loss). Research has shown that children who read books or participate in quizzes, crosswords, etc. can inadvertently delay or prevent dementia as these activities stimulate brain cells. connect and develop. 

Therefore, if hard-working reading, your children with 112 IQ (normal level) will quickly improve dramatically in the short term. 

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II. Create music space for your child 

Music lessons can have a positive impact on IQ and the ability to learn the culture of young children - learning as many years as possible, the greater the effect. The benefits that music brings to children are as follows:

1. Help your child get better

Newborns who listen to Mozart music also significantly reduce the risk of postnatal neurological problems. In the process of listening to music, a camera device has recorded all of the activities and expressions of the newborn and has recognized Mozart music has had a great impact on the mental state of the child.

iq of 112

2. Improve communication skills

Dee Joy Coulter, a neuroscientist, and author of the book Early Connections for Children: Journal of Music and Teaching on the Moment. According to Coulter, the game of interacting with music can improve your child's language and vocabulary quickly. Next, the child becomes an organized person with ideas and is able to solve the problem quickly.

Learn an instrument to help your child escape from his or her own cover. Children who join a group or band will learn important life skills, such as: how to connect with people, teamwork skills as well as leadership skills. 

3. Make children are smarter

According to psychologist Fran Rauscher and Gordon Shaw of the University of California-Irvine, the United States has a strong connection between music and advanced mathematical control. Likewise with the ability in the field of science as your child goes to school. Music has the potential to increase the child's intelligence of up to 46% over those who do not grow up with music. The combination of music and language will help children more comfortable in communication and promote the good creativity of children. Your child's 112 IQ score will be improved dramatically. 

4. Improve your motor skills

The rhythm or sound of music is capable of stimulating the movement of children. These actions help children develop physically, physically or physically. Realistic research shows that early-education children in music tend to be more motivated than children who have not learned music since childhood. And this is also one of the reasons toy manufacturers, baby accessories always have music boxes or objects and audio equipment.

5. Create excitement for your child

Tunes and songs are more likely to be influenced when they are introduced into education. Even in elementary schools that use teaching and learning methods that combine images and music, children learn faster and memorize longer. These children are not only more interested in the lesson but also more receptive to them. Thanks to the ability to receive good knowledge, the baby's 112 IQ will quickly increase higher.

112 iq score


6. Practice self-confidence

If you want your child to become more confident, let him or she learn music from an early age. Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen, a music teacher, said, "Many children who share music learn from me that they feel that they can develop their self-confidence. And over time, they feel more self-confident.

In summary, 112 IQ is the score of a normal person, but the habit of reading and living in your child's music can become a genius. Just in these two simple ways, your baby's IQ score will quickly improve and will easily get higher scores. So, make these habits as early as possible!

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