What does an iq of 116 mean?

IQ level 116 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Above average intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 15.7% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 116 mean?

IQ level 116 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Above average intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 15.7% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 116 :

- You have the ability to analyze complex technical information;
- You like to analyze, design and show database structure;
- You are constantly searching for and learning new technologies;
- You set a clear direction;
- You have the ability to solve the problem yourself;
- You are interested in developing the user experience;
- You like to hone your knowledge in economics and technology.

II. Discover 2 careers suitable for 116 IQ

1. Software developer

Software engineers have extensive knowledge of programming languages, software development, computer operating systems. Applying the principles and technologies in each stage of software development (Software Development Life Cycle), they create software products and other systems on computers.

They use mathematical, scientific, technological, and design techniques and often have to test and evaluate their own software or those of others. Software engineers usually have degrees in computer science.

They have analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, they always want to be active in searching and learning new knowledge and communication skills.

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software developer iq 116
Software developer with IQ 116

a. Software engineer skills

Software engineers need to have a firm grasp of technology knowledge and skills relevant to their work:
  • Programming and coding (Programming & coding). Note the difference between these two jobs;
  • Foundation in computer science;
  • Software architecture and design;
  • Algorithm and data structure;
  • Information analysis, requirements;
  • Find and fix (debugging) software;
  • Testing the software, making sure it runs exactly as required, is optimized and has no errors.
In addition, soft skills are also important for software engineers:
  • Problem solving and logic reasoning skills;
  • Teamwork and team management;
  • Planning skills;
  • Instructing and training skills;
  • Communication skills, presentation (presentation skill);
  • Project management skills;
  • Skills of decision making & risk management.
A software engineer's duties when working with a client:
  • Determine the requirements of the computer programs to develop:
  • Design the program and describe what it looks like and understand how the end user feels;
  • Connect with programmers to write code;
  • Test the final product before it is shipped to the end user for use;
  • Responsible for providing regular software updates and checking maintenance. 

116 iq score software developer
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b. Elements required to be a Software Development

You must be a technology enthusiast

For the Information Technology (software application) industry, passion is the most important and prerequisite for your success. Because the nature of Information Technology (software application) industry is so dry and mechanical, you will have to sit for hours, even days, months to do things. Without passion, it will be very difficult to overcome difficulties and stress at work and the risk of giving up in the middle is very high.
It can be said that passion is a spiritual medicine to help you avoid stress when you have to write code or detect small errors like "finding a needle in the bottom".
Logicality and accuracy

Exact logic is a must for programmers and software engineers. Because when building an application or a certain software, just one small mistake, the entire program will not be able to operate normally. Of course, finding errors will be extremely difficult and time consuming.
Accuracy in learning Information Technology (software application) shows at every step in the working process. There is absolutely no room for even the tiniest mistake in the IT industry, especially in software application.
Logicality is shown in problem receptive, analyzing and problem solving learners. In addition, the coordination of logic work with team members is also important because it determines the completion time and the finding of problems.
The spirit of non-stop creation

The information technology (software application) industry is always developing, constantly innovating every day. If you don't have creativity you will fall behind. This is the truth that cannot be denied.
Innovation in the information technology industry (software application) is understood to find solutions, find the shortest path for each project to bring the best possible results.
To be able to stay in the Information Technology industry (software application) requires you to have a spirit of continuous creativity and learning. And the truth is, only smart, creative people can succeed in this industry.
Proficient in foreign languages

Information technology (software application) is a global industry as all technology products are present around the world. If you want to become a leading IT engineer, you must be fluent in foreign languages, especially English, to read documents, update world development trends and read parameters, professional words. for study.
In addition, being good at foreign languages ​​in studying Information Technology (software application) also gives you the opportunity to reach the "big sea", with many opportunities for career development at home and abroad.
Non-stop learning

You may not know yet, Information technology (software application) is an extremely rigorous discipline, if you constantly learn and update information regularly.
Therefore, it is essential to keep you from falling behind with the general trend, constantly learning, improving skills and perfecting knowledge.
Able to work in teamwork

The characteristic of Information Technology industry is to promote teamwork ability. Therefore, if you want to study well in this field, you must be able to work in groups, have to know how to create a harmonious relationship among members and have a high sense of responsibility.
Teamwork in the information technology industry (software application) will help you reduce the work burden, stress and complexity. From there, it will promote work efficiency and shorten work time.
In addition, group work also helps team members to complement each other's shortcomings. Find out and overcome the weaknesses, maximize the capabilities and strengths of each individual.

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2. Economic experts

An economist is a person who studies the output, the distribution of resources, goods and services. In academia, the economist is considered to have a Ph.D. in political economy, teach economic science, and publish books and documents in the field of economics.

The most influential economists of all time can be mentioned as: Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, John Forbes Nash, John Maynard Keynes, ...
Economic Experts 116 IQ
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They study how society uses resources such as raw materials (oil, iron, wood,…), land, machines, labor,… in production; Performs analysis of production, productivity, distribution and consumption of goods and services. In addition, a very important role for an economist is to constantly observe changes in data that can affect the economy, even if only a small change.
In economic research there are many methods, such as: applying mathematical and statistical models, using economic theories, doing practical research, ... But to collect data for research. Economists need to have the skills to capture sensitive information and a very deep knowledge of scientific and statistical research methods.
Economists can work in many fields such as banking, agriculture, finance, international trade, business, market research, mass media, consumer goods, ... Besides, The economist's job will include identifying certain market events and their effects on a particular economy, interpreting complex financial data, using econometric data. is allowed to predict research object changes, write non-technical and technical reports on economic forecasts and trends, and understand and apply sampling and sample processing techniques , ...

5 qualities needed to become an economist

a. Ability to use foreign languages
International business is becoming a potential discipline in the context of integration. Therefore, being good at a foreign language is one of the important qualities needed to study this field. The Bachelor of Talent program at the Institute is 100% in English to help students acquire international business knowledge and practice English skills from the first years.
b. Good communication and speaking ability
International Business also requires you to be sophisticated, flexible, knowledgeable and have extensive social experience, in addition to the ability to present a clear, coherent and logical problem that convince listeners. This is an important basis to help you communicate well, handle conflicts quickly, as well as achieve the highest results in negotiating with partners and customers.
c. Creativity, confidence, assertiveness
People working in international business must be creative. This is an important quality to help you build more development plans for your business. Creativity does not appear but is the crystallization of a continuous process of learning, observing and thinking. At the same time, the confident and assertive attitude when dealing with work is a requirement that cannot be taken lightly.
d. Ability to collect and process information
The ability to self-research and collect information is one of the top criteria for the Institute's undergraduate education. In the business environment, international trade, information is very diversified and always changing, in order to be effectively processed, people working in this field must know and select key information of the market to give a solution. investment projects, cooperation, business development in the most timely and effective manner.

III. Peyton Manning with IQ of 116

With 116 IQ score, Peyton Manning - A football player was born on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. As a football player born in the aries palace, holding a dragon. Peyton Manning ranked 3412 famous in the world and 132nd in the list of Famous soccer players.
  • Super Bowl XLI MVP with Indianapolis Colts who put all the time NFL recordings for the most past career touchdowns and most career touchdowns.
  • He was chosen as Colts' first master in 1998 and spent his first 14 NFL seasons in Indianapolis before signing with the Denver Broncos in 2012.
  • He helped the Broncos win the Super Bowl 50 in 2016.
  • He won to name NFL MVP gave the fifth time in his career after the 2013 season where he set a single NFL season record with the last 55 touchdowns.
  • During his time with Colts, he became the all-time leader of the franchise in just about every quarterback stats, including wins, touchdowns, completions and yards.

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