what does an IQ of 108 mean

IQ level 108 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 108 mean?

IQ level 108 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 108:
  • You know how to balance your emotions: keep a calm, patient and neutral attitude so that your psychology is not influenced by outside factors;
  • You have humanity: understanding the pain, the destiny and sympathy;
  • You have very good communication skills: listening, understanding; have skills in using words, body shape; skills of persuasion, empathy;
  • You have the ability to solve problems: flexibility, change in all situations;
  • You always do your own research and learning: you review the literature on different topics or collect data to conduct your own experiment. 

II. Discover 2 careers suitable for 108 IQ

1. Dentist

A dentist or dentist is a doctor specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity, teeth and dentistry. Dentists are supported by a team of assistants to treat oral diseases. This same team dentist provides oral health care services.
dentist iq 108 careers
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Qualities needed to become a dentist:

a. High sense of responsibility

For any job, the sense of responsibility is the prerequisite and always on top. Especially for the medical profession, the patient's life and health are placed in the hands of the doctor. Therefore, the sense of responsibility of doctors must always be upheld. Having a sense of work, effort and effort for the patient, enthusiasm for the job can make a doctor's heart and talent.

b. Humanity

The saying "Medicine is like a motherly" means that a good doctor has the same heart as a gentle mother. Indeed, the humanity and love for each patient of each doctor is one of the core elements in the ethics of the medical profession. A doctor who is humane and compassionate, will surely always put his position in patient situation. They will understand the pain, suffering and sympathy for the sick person who is in need. From there, devoted herself to healing with all my ability.

c. The ability to observe and judge sharp

The dentist needs to have a good eye to observe the condition, the sensitivity in judgment to give the best treatment. This is a must-have quality for every doctor. Because the diagnosis of winning the disease and giving the correct treatment regimen will bring about 30% chance to cure the patient.

d. Perseverance, patience

The Medical profession always requires those who really have passion and determination to overcome all difficulties, persevere and be patient in the process of treating and curing patients. Not only that, even in the training process of dentist, it took a period of 6 years. Therefore, a doctor must have perseverance and hard work to go through a long and strenuous learning process to fully grasp professional knowledge and solid skills.

e. Meticulousness and ingenuity

Skillful hands are one of the most precious "heritage" for any dentist. Their work is related to diagnosis and surgery so meticulousness and accuracy in the working process is very important. Thanks to those qualities, they will have the right treatment regimen or successful surgery. 

g. Courage 

Courage is an essential element of a dentist. Because for this profession, doctors will face many surgeries, many cases of patients being deformed by accident. Therefore, you must have a steel spirit, not worry, tremble at receiving and treating patients. If you are not mentally prepared in the first place, you will probably be confused before your first class of surgery.

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2. Psychologist

A psychologist is an expert in evaluating and studying behavioral and mental processes. ... In most state jurisdictions, members of other behavioral research professions such as counselors and psychiatrists can evaluate, diagnose, treat, and research spermatology.
psychologist iq of 108 careers
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Each profession has its own specific object of research that requires personnel pursuing it to have appropriate skills and abilities. This helps individuals feel lighter, happier when studying, excited at work, passionate enough to overcome obstacles and easier to achieve success. Psychology is a rather specific discipline, studying the complex hidden world in the human mind. Psychologists must use scientific methods to objectively and accurately collect, analyze, and process experimental data. This is a difficult process, the wrong handling steps can lead to serious consequences, so industry followers need to have the right qualities.
The skills and qualities needed to pursue a career in psychology:

a. Math

You may be wondering why psychology is a social study, the study of human mind and behavior, why math skills are needed. Then you must know that psychology students need to be able to interpret data, understand probabilities, correlate numbers and know how to perform a variety of different statistical calculations. During the early years of college, most students will study math to meet both educational requirements and general curriculum. This is a great opportunity to help sharpen your math skills and discover how psychologists use statistics to perform research and understand data.

b. Communication

Psychology is a study of people, so effective communication skills are very important. If you are planning a career in the mental health field, you need to be someone who is good at understanding psychology, emotions, and social issues. If you are planning to become a scientific researcher, you will need communication skills to convey information in both written and oral forms.

c. Research

No matter what psychology major you pursue, you will have to spend a lot of time doing research. When faced with psychology, you will have to review documentation on different topics or gather data to conduct your own experiment. You will want to know if anyone has done it before. Or in that case, how do other psychologists handle it? There are thousands of scientific journals out there, with research information spanning decades. Being able to find the information you need and evaluate it effectively is essential. For this reason, psychology students are highly trained in research methods.

d. Problem solving

Like every discipline, everything in psychology does not always work out as planned. There are many problems that have arisen forcing psychologists to deal with. A good psychologist needs to be flexible in all situations. Well written research plans can really limit the risks and obstacles in the working process. However, it did not prevent the unexpected from happening. You should have a list of preventive measures ready to go when needed.

e. Patience

It can take years to see results in psychology, whether in pure research or when working directly with patients. Even if the results are not immediately obvious, you must be patient and stay motivated.

g. Empathy

If you intend to become a psychotherapist, this skill is very important. Even if the therapist does not say it, the client understands the message: “I am listening to you”, “I understand you”, “I know how difficult it must have been. have to face with these problems ”. Empathy is not just listening but also the therapist's understanding and experience with the client's feelings. Empathy is expressed through words, behaviors, gestures, facial expressions ... of the therapist when standing in front of the client. 

h. Balance

Equilibrium skills are important to all psychologists, no matter what expertise they pursue. Psychologists must regularly balance emotional and rationality while dealing with clients. They must also know how to balance work and life. Understanding customers' lives and situations also need to know where to stop, not to exploit every detail.

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