What does an iq of 200 mean?

IQ 200 is the intelligence indicator of a genius. Those who own an IQ 200 will have a very creative mind, because they have a very logical way of thinking, great memory, so that high IQ people can absorb and memorize things very quickly in just one time. a short time.

I. What does IQ 200 mean?

IQ level 200 shows that you have an excellent type of thinking ability, belonging to "Very gifted" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 2.1% of the world's population.
IQ 200 is the intelligence indicator of a genius. Those who own an IQ 200 will have a very creative mind, because they have a very logical way of thinking, great memory, so that high IQ people can absorb and memorize things very quickly in just one time, a short time.
Thanks to outstanding intelligence, people with IQ 200 are very successful in learning. Jobs such as: Scientist, math researcher, doctor, engineer, programmer, ... are very suitable fields for people with high IQ, because these jobs need to be new logical thinking.
In addition, people with an IQ of 200 are often too focused on their work and thinking and are easily successful, so they will have a confident attitude towards themselves. Therefore, these people are often not intimate and live tends to like isolation.

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II. Sho Timonthy Yano -  The prodigy has an IQ of 200

Sho Yano has an estimated IQ of 200. He is one of the youngest PhDs in history. Sho Timonthy Yano is known as one of the youngest doctors and doctors in the world. He was born in 1990, is from Porland, Oregon (USA), has a Japanese father and a Korean mother.

From a young age, he soon showed off his different intelligence. Yano could read when he was 2 years old. At 3 years old, he began to write letters, when he was five years old he could play and compose classical music on the piano.

After achieving a SAT 1500/1600 score at the age of 8, the child prodigy graduated from the American School of Correspondence - a pioneer in home education. Yano was also accepted into Loloya University Chicago. 3 years later, he graduated with an honorary degree.
According to the Daily Mail, the child prodigy used to enroll in many medical schools but was denied his application due to age. They fear that the harsh study environment makes him lose his normal childhood like many other children. "I can't understand why challenging myself is perceived as more dangerous than feeling bored?" - Yano shared.
In 2003, at the age of 13, Yano attended the Pritzker Medical School, at the University of Chicago. 5 years later, he received his doctorate in the fields of molecular genetics and cell biology. At 21, he became the youngest person to hold a medical degree from the University of Chicago.
Sayuri - Yano's sister (born in 1996) is also a child prodigy. At the age of 14, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology from Roosevelt University. Sayuri is currently majoring in violin performance at the Peabody Academy, Johns Hopkins University.

Sayuri - Yano's sister

Currently, Yano is 25 years old. He works as a neurologist. The boy born in 1990 said that his mother is the one who contributed to his success today.
Because she is the one who discovered the intelligence and encouraged him to follow this path. Not only that, Yano's mother also taught him to study at home until graduating grade 12.

19 years old doctor

During his PhD studies, Yano discovered two new proteins that inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and named them "gp6" and "gp8." Yano's doctoral dissertation explained how to create new antibiotics using these two proteins and he applied for a patent for his discovery.
Sho yano youngest PhD 200 IQ
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The youngest medical doctor in the world

According to the Guinness World Records Institute (WRA), on June 5, Japanese-American student Sho Yano, 21 years old, officially received his Ph.D. at Pritzker Medical University, majoring in molecular and cellular genetics. biological. With the above achievement, Sho Yano was honored the Guinness World Record for the content "The World's Youngest Medical Doctor".

21 years old obtained a doctor of medicine in America

Yano is an American prodigy, has a Japanese father and a Korean mother, according to the Chicago Tribune. Yano knew to read at 2 years old, could write at 3 years old, composed music at 5 years old, and entered university at 9 years old. 12 years old, a graduate of Loyola University, Yano enrolled in several medical schools, but was rejected because they thought the boy was immature, while the average age of medical students in the US was 23.

Many school leaders fear that the rigor of medical school will prevent Yano from becoming a normal adult. However, in 2003, the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago accepted Yano, when the boy was 12 years old. “I remember when I interviewed Yano, that polite, cute 11-year-old boy… He was very special. Therefore, you have to judge him differently. He will become a doctor, ”said Joel Scwab, professor of pediatrics.
200 iq sho yano
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Pritzker School requires students to complete both doctoral programs and doctor training programs. After most of the students here entered the second year of studying for a doctorate program, Yano began studying it after the first year. In 2009, Yano said his intelligence index measured 200, which could be said to be on par with genius, according to CBSNews. Yano told the Chicago Tribune or he hoped getting a doctorate in medicine would quell some doubts about his ability to develop when he first entered medical school. Yano is currently preparing to work in pediatric neurology.
Yano's mother Kyung Yano has been criticized by some educators for forcing her children to put in too much study effort for their age to prove that they are gifted. However, Ms. Kyung Yano argues that all she does for her children is to want them to have a good and happy life in the future. Yano's only younger brother, Sayuri, 15, is also a prodigy. After receiving a bachelor's degree in biology from Roosevelt University in 2010, Sayuri is studying for a bachelor's degree in violinism at Johns Hopkins University.

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