What does an IQ of 112 mean?

Main characteristics of people with IQ 112: careful and persistent, maybe you are passionate about machines and techniques and always believe in your judgment and intuition.

I. What does IQ 112 mean?

IQ level 112 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Above average intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 15.7% of the world's population.
Some main characteristics of people with IQ 112 :
  • You know how to listen properly: be able to detect flaws and risks by hearing others describe their situations and actions;
  • You have effective time management: you always organize, organize and plan a clear execution to make the most of your time;
  • You are careful and persistent;
  • You are passionate about machines and techniques;
  • You always believe in your judgment and intuition.

III. Discover 3 careers suitable for 112 IQ

1. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering is the application of physical principles to the creation of machines and equipment or useful items for design work in areas such as automobiles, aircraft and vehicles. Other transportation facilities, heating and cooling systems, household appliances, production machinery and equipment.
mechanical engineer iq 112
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Qualities suitable for the Mechanical Engineering industry
To pursue and succeed with Mechanical Engineering, you need the following qualities:
Careful, persistent: This is the essential virtue for you to be successful in any job, big or small, difficult or easy. Particularly for the Mechanical engineering industry, this is an indispensable requirement because if it is not careful, negligent, indiscriminate, not tidy can lead to serious mistakes in the working process. Small mistakes made by a mechanical engineer can greatly affect the quality, income or even the reputation of a large company.
Diligent, dedicated to the job: Referring to the mechanical engineer, you will immediately think of those who handle screwdrivers, drilling machines, welding machines all day long, ... to perfect products, machines and equipment for life and production. With modern techniques, the working process can be less strenuous, but if you want to become a good mechanical engineer, you must be really diligent, industrious and dedicated to the job.
Passion for machinery, engineering: Every engineer in the mechanical engineering industry also needs to have a love for the profession, a passion for machinery and technology to have real motivation to improve their expertise. If you love the job, you will acquire and develop theoretical knowledge proficiently into practical lessons. If you love the job, you will have the determination to do it and be diligent with it.
There is a spirit of cooperation, ability to work in teams and withstand high work pressure: Mechanical engineering is an industry with a lot of workload and its complexity requires the cooperation of many people. . The participants, in addition to the ability to work independently, must be able to work in groups, perform their part well, contribute to the completion of common work. That's why teamwork is very important.

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2. Construction engineer

Construction engineer is the person in charge of consulting, calculating the structure and executing construction works, or can be said, is the person who turns ideas on drawings into reality. Construction engineers are responsible for ensuring that works are completed on schedule and according to design drawings.
construction engineers iq 112 career
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A professional construction engineer must have the right skills and qualifications. To be a construction engineer, you must meet requirements such as:
  • Experience in the position of a construction engineer;
  • Proficient in design software AutoCAD, Civil 3D or similar;
  • Project management and supervision skills;
  • Good communication skill;
  • Bachelor Degree in Construction Engineering;
  • Good time management skills;
  • Effective problem solving and teamwork skills.
To pursue and succeed in the field of Civil Engineering (also known as Construction Engineering), you need the following qualities:
  • Learn quite natural subjects, have the ability to calculate: This is an important quality because this allows you to capture and process information in a coherent way, thus making it easy to estimate and design. engineering, verifying the design correctly. In addition, it will be advantageous if you are quick, active and have good logical thinking.
  • Like to explore, learn, have a passion for engineering, like to work in the construction field: The world is constantly evolving, today's knowledge may quickly become outdated within a few days. Therefore, the Civil Engineering industry needs you to continuously improve your knowledge, improve your level to keep up with new trends, not lag behind in the world.
  • Understanding of historical and geographic knowledge, with deep cultural capital: This will help you to design and build works that are not only technical but also suitable to each culture and customs. regions.
  • There is a spirit of cooperation, ability to work in teams and withstand high work pressure: Completing a construction project always requires the coordination and cooperation of many different departments. Therefore, the participants, in addition to the capacity to work and independent research, must be able to work in teams, to both perform their part well and contribute to the completion of common work. That's why teamwork is very important.

3. Industrial Systems Engineering

Industrial Systems Engineering is a training sector for people who specialize in operating production, service, supply, and project operations for businesses, companies, production facilities and service establishments.
industrial system engineering iq 112
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Mechanical engineering technology is an engineering science. Related to the fields of design, manufacture and operation of machines. It includes some specific features as follows:
  • It is a key group of key industries in the world economy and an industry that has appeared for a long time and has the largest scope of technical sectors.
  • The industry that applies the principles of physics, engineering chemistry and materials science to the design, manufacture and manufacture of machines, equipment and other mechanical tools.
  • Mechanical engineering technology for the design of equipment and machinery in fields such as electrical technology, automotive technology, motorbikes and other means of transport, manufacturing technology machinery and the manufacture of essential items related to household mechanics, heating and cooling systems, weapons technology, ...
In addition to the necessary specialized knowledge, Mechanical engineering technology also requires mastery of skills in machining, design, fabrication of mechanical products, such as skills to draw and read drawings. techniques, skills to smoothly use supporting machines such as CNC, CAD, CAM, ...
- Being one of the leading industries in the industry with lack of manpower in recent years. According to the statistics of the Center for Forecast of Human Resources and Information on the Labor Market of Ho Chi Minh City announced, the mechanical engineering - metallurgy - technology industry of motorbikes has the highest demand for manpower, accounting for up to 25% of labor demand in the country.
After studying and analyzing, we realize that to study Mechanical engineering technology, it is necessary to have the following essential qualities:

a. Careful perseverance

This is the common quality required of any career if you want to succeed in that path. Especially in the mechanical field, this is even more indispensable. Because a process of manufacturing equipment and machinery requires as meticulous and careful as possible. Just one wrong detail can affect a whole production line system, a project or even affect a company's reputation.

b. Passionate about technical machines

Mechanical engineering is not an easy one, it is a practical one, requiring you to perfect and improve your qualifications and professional skills every day, so if you don't have passion With machines and technology, you will most likely give up halfway and stay still.
c. Diligent, dedicated to the profession
Mechanical industry is an industry with quite a strong intensity of work, your work associated with machines from morning to night seems difficult to have free time. Therefore, diligence is indispensable and dedicated to the profession can help you further in your career.
d. Have teamwork skills and can withstand high pressure
Mechanical engineering is an industry with a large workload and requires a combination of many different stages. So teamwork skills are indispensable for you to get the best job done.

II. Celebrity with 112 IQ - Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler, professional bodybuilder, with many achievements in professional tournaments. He is known as the winner of several Grand Prix, "Mr.Olympia".
jay cutler 112 iq celebrity
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Jay Cutler was born on August 3, 1973 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and grew up north in the town of Sterling. Jay Cutler is the youngest of the 7 children (4 boys and 3 girls) of Mr. and Mrs. Cutler. His father is a traffic inspector working on a highway, and his mother works as an administrator in a local military unit.
He works in the concrete construction company of his brother, Cutler Bros. Concrete, starting at 11 years old. After turning 18, Jay enrolled at Quinsigamond Community College, where he officially regularly goes to the gym.
Jay Cutler's original purpose in bodybuilding was to practice to make his body more beautiful. But his passion for bodybuilding made him decide to choose and stick with this subject. Immediately after suddenly winning the 1992 American Youth Award (19 years old), the first achievement in the career of bodybuilding Jay Cutler. Since then, he and his girlfriend Kerry returned to Worcester to earn a living and nurture professionally slept. Here Jay Cutler went through many different careers, while Kerry pursued the job of a nurse.
The turning point in his life came in 1994, when he was helped by Bruce Vartanian, a local athlete and businessman. It was Bruce who directly instructed Jay, helping him to orient seriously about the career of a bodybuilder. Just two years later Jay had another chance to sign his contract to play professionally under the auspices of the private company of Joe Weider, a once legendary Bodybuilder.

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