what does an iq of 190 mean?

IQ 190 is very eager to learn: constantly asking questions about life and the world around them, always interested in learning. They tend to stop and pay attention to the small details around them, and not easily acknowledge anything.

I. What does IQ 190 mean?

IQ level 190 shows that you have an excellent type of thinking ability, belonging to "Very gifted" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 2.1% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 190:

- IQ 190 is almost not limited to any profession.
- They are very calm in the face of financial problems: When faced with economic problems and challenges to succeed, people with an IQ of 190 will be calm, willing to invest time in resources. finance and wait for them to ripen.
- IQ 190 is very eager to learn: constantly asking questions about life and the world around them, always interested in learning. They tend to stop and pay attention to the small details around them, and not easily acknowledge anything

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II. ​Marilyn vos Savant - The woman has the highest IQ in the world

Marilyn vos Savant is recognized as one of the highest IQ in the world: IQ 190.

She is a famous commentator for Parade magazine. Through the column "Ask Marilyn", readers can send questions from many different fields and vos Savant will answer them. Her IQ test score was the highest at the time, recorded by the Guinness World Records before being broken in 1990.
Marilyn vos Savant iq 190
Marilyn vos Savant with 190 IQ score


1. Life of Marilyn vos Savant 

Marilyn vos Savant was born in 1946 in the city of St. Mary. Louis, Missouri, USA. She has the surname Savant because the family has a tradition of male following the surname of the father, the female follows the mother's surname.
Marilyn is of Italian, Czechoslovakian, German descent and has Austrian ancestry. According to the Chicago Tribune, she is descended from the physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach.
From a young age, she was very intelligent and had a great passion for Math and Science. At the age of 10, "child scientist" performed two IQ tests Stanford-Binet. The results showed that Marilyn has the same intelligence as a 22-year-old and 11-month person. With an index of 228, Marilyn is the child with the highest IQ ever.
However, the prodigy was not aware of that. “At that time, nobody said anything to me. I thought this was a common index that many other people achieved, "she said.
She still spends most of her time working in her father's laundry and makes an extra income by collaborating with the local press.
At 16, Marilyn got married before attending Meramec Community College and then moving on to pursue Philosophy at the University of Washington in St. Petersburg. Louis. But despite having twice as much IQ as an average person, the American prodigy never graduated from college. She dropped out of school after two years and started making money for herself through investments and real estate.

Within 5 years, she accumulated enough to support herself and dedicated herself to writing. She wrote novels, short stories, collaborated with magazines and newspapers mainly on political satire.

By 1985, she suddenly became famous when the Guinness Book of World Records recorded as the person with the highest IQ on the planet. The name Marilym vos Savant became the focus of the media. At the same time, two children from her first marriage had grown up. Marilyn decided to move to New York City, enjoying a new life, which is known by many people.

In 1986, the world's highest IQ owner started to answer questions submitted by readers to Parade magazine. It is worth mentioning, after the magazine published Marilyn's profile, the name "the smartest person on the planet" quickly attracted a large number of readers. The Ask Marilyn column was officially opened, is a place to answer questions in all areas, from quizzes to problems in life. American geniuses have been associated with this category for about 30 years. This is also her greatest career.

In 1987, she married her third husband, surgeon Robert K. Jarvik and became CFO of Jarvik Heart Corporation. During the next period, she took turns on the board of directors of the National Economic Education Council, the advisory board of the National Association for Talented Children.

In 2003, Marilyn vos Savant received an honorary doctorate from the University of New Jersey.

Her IQ test score was the highest at the time, recorded by the Guinness World Records before being broken in 1990.
iq 190 marilyn vos savant
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2. The Monty Hall problem is controversial

In the early 1980s, Marilyn moved to New York City and began pursuing a career in writing, writing small IQ tests for Omni magazine before joining the task of answering questions from readers in magazinesParade, and introduces Marilyn's profile as "the smartest person on the planet" and the title quickly attracts a large audience.
Not long after that, she founded the column Ask Marilyn, in which she answered a series of academic and logical questions from readers. It was in one answer that Marilyn sparked one of the hottest statistical battles of the 21st century. The problem comes from a famous American television game "Let's make a deal" (roughly translated: Let's make an agreement).
Suppose you are the player of the show and the host presents you with 3 bonus doors. Behind one door was a new Lincoln Continental car, and behind the other two doors were two goats. The host asks you to choose a door, and you choose door 1. Then, the host who knows the reward behind each door, reveals behind the third door is the goat and asks you. Do you want to change your choice?
monty hall marilyn vos savant iq 190
The Monty Hall problem
The question posed by readers is whether changing the choice helps players increase their chances of winning. Most people think that keeping or changing is the same, players still do not know which door has a car, which door has a goat, so the probability of winning the car is 50-50. But that is the wrong thinking.

So how does the woman with the highest IQ of the planet answer this question?
"Players should change their preferences," replied Marilyn. "The first door has a 1/3 chance of winning, but the chance of winning at door 2 is 2/3".
Although Marilyn's answer was correct, many scholars reacted indignantly. Months later, Marilyn received more than 10,000 letters with harsh criticism. These included letters from the Deputy Director of the National Defense Information Center, and a statistician from the National Institutes of Health - all of which suggested she was completely incompetent.
Dr. Scott Smith from the University of Florida harshly: "You seem to have no grasp of the basic principles of this problem, so I will explain. After the landlord revealed a door with goats, now one in the other two doors is correct, whether or not you change your choice or not, the odds of winning are the same. What a shame! ".
"Maybe women see math problems differently than men do," said Don Edwards from Sunriver, Oregon.
The wave of criticism was so intense that Marilyn was forced to spend the next three sessions explaining her reasoning correctly. Even when she gave a clear answer, she was still constantly disdained.
To see how precise Marilyn's argument is, let's try to set them all up.
We convention that a car, 2 goats enter 3 doors are numbered in the order of 1, 2, 3 with the following cases (X is a car, D is a goat):
- Consider the case X, D, D: Player chooses door 1, the host will open door 2 or 3. If exchanging, the player gets the go; if it doesn't change, the player gets the vehicle.
- Consider cases D, X, D: Player chooses door 1, the host will open the door 3. If exchanging, the player gets a vehicle; if it doesn't change, the player gets the go.
- Consider cases D, D, X: Player chooses door 1, the host will open door 2. If exchanging, the player can get a vehicle; if it doesn't change, the player gets the go.
Thus, in 3 cases, if the player does not change, the probability of the player getting the car is 1/3, if the player does, then the probability is 2/3, just like Marilyn said.
Although possessing supernatural intelligence is one of the smartest people on the planet, Marilyn vos Savant is still very humble and tries to stay away from vanity aura. She dedicated herself to writing books and answering questions from readers in her own column, living a life of admirable humility and serenity.

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