146 IQ and 13 exotic expressions of genius

There are many ways to realize that someone is smarter than they perceive the challenges or behavior that people are exposed to. These people are less expressive of their early abilities, but their abilities are in the hidden form. Historically there have been some people you may have known such as Einstein, Stephen Hawking and maybe the next will be you. With 146 IQ you can have the exotic expression below:


1) Have more questions than to listen to people


There are immortal and proven truths, but if you are the one who likes to question, or suspect the truths that exist, then you are probably a potential genius.

With a score of 146 IQ points of genius or close genius, you can absolutely have this behavior.

Have more questions than to listen to people

2) The working corner is cluttered but it brings more creativity to them


Looking at a messy, filthy corner of the world many people will immediately come to the conclusion that the owner of the place is a lazy man. Actually, among the lazy ones, some people have smart qualities. These smart people rarely realize what they are doing, and the messy corner is their world, it gives them endless creative inspiration.

The working corner is cluttered but it brings more creativity to them

3) Draw doodles not because they are boring but they make them more creative


Our hands cannot think, but in fact, it performs the commands of the brain. Thanks to our hands, we can fully shine creative ideas hidden in the brain. For example, when you draw cute images like a doodle, you understand that you need some time to relax and come up with creative ideas sooner rather than boring.

So, if you have a habit of drawing a doodle then proving that you own 146 IQ is perfectly true.

Draw doodles not because they are boring but they make them more creativ

4) One quickly forgets


In life, there are big stories to the needs we need to remember to deal with society. We all like to have a supernatural memory, can remember all things and when forget something important again blamed himself terribly.

One quickly forgets

Do you know? Everyone has a limit to self-remembering, so do not torment yourself too lightly! This is even more true for an anonymous genius. They have so much to concentrate on, that when the brain is overwhelmed with information, what does not matter is out of the brain and this in the eyes of those around them is an absent-minded person rather than a god. Anonymous.

Therefore, if 146 IQ that you are often absent-minded is also a normal thing


5) Feeling confused and isolated from relationships


Potential geniuses are people who are constantly exploring, researching and thinking in depth, so developing social skills is a waste of time. Standing in front of a crowd or in relationships, they are often confused and isolated as if they are alone in the wilderness.

Confused about the relationship

6) People always think that their minds are always in the clouds

soul in heaven


Genius is not shining or be judged by people to be dreaming. But these smart people are so bored when they are in a class or a tedious meeting, they can not wait to get into the dream bed before sleeping. And yet that is the expression of the genius who owns 146 IQ.


7) They have a habit of constant brainstorming

Brainstorming continuously

Being an inquisitive, suspicious, or thoughtful person makes it possible for potential geniuses to have constant brainstorming habits to find the causes and solutions to the problem. They manipulate left brain to analyze and right brain to create and then record their thoughts for saving memory.


8) Most smart people sleep much later than ordinary people


In some cases, smart people stay asleep in the daytime, but they wake up just like vampires. Because of darkness, everyone goes to bed, quiet space makes the genius focus better, not worry about being dominated by the nonsense around. So it is not surprising that you are a night owl and have a high IQ, 146 IQ.


9) Sometimes it's as slow as a turtle because it takes time to get the job done right

Everybody has a speed of their own, which at times the speed of intelligent people make others compare them to a turtle. But geniuses must take the time to do exactly what they want. So it's time to spend right, not slow or lazy at all.


slow but sure

10) Love to analyze the problem

This means that the intelligent person is not only interested in the subject, but also wants to dissect the subject of his interest, as opposed to those who merely masturbate on the subject but less in depth. sharp. With such analytical interest, these geniuses may be experts in whatever field they are passionate about.

Love to analyze the problem

11) They have a full-time monologue, almost as if they have a friend in fantasy

imaginary friend

Like the babble, the outsider will conclude that genius like this is autism. But who knows what the reason, they have a friend in fantasy there. This type of intelligent person speaks to himself because it helps him to organize his thoughts and reach out to everything he needs to achieve any goal he or she has. Being alone is the quickest way to settle down, going the next step of genius, who owns 146 IQ or more.


12) The brain often overworked, making it difficult to sleep

In a recent study by the London School of Economics, they showed that insomnia is a sign of potential intelligence. This is a natural sign of intelligence because the brain works at 161 km / h. But a good night's sleep can help these smart people recharge their batteries when their minds are slowing down because of overwork, leading to difficulty sleeping at night.

So if you go to bed at night and possess 146 IQ, it is perfectly normal.


13) Tend to be in conflict with what you think and behave

It's like a person with divisiveness. One side likes to do that, one side tends to oppose it and give another. It is a manifestation of people who have many ideas, creativity, and many other things. So sometimes, you, the 146 IQ owner, behave strangely.

Conflict with what you think and do

In short, people with high IQs like the 146 IQs are non-super-human, as people think, but they are logically different but different from the average person. If you have these characteristics, do not worry because it shows you are a genius.

Do you find yourself possessing the above characteristics? Whether or not but with 142 IQ you can completely master your life! If you do not know what your IQ is, please click here!


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