​4 IQ test game funniest ever

If you are too tired to test IQ online, you can take these IQ test game to relax your mind. These games are totally free, funny and helpful.


1. Vision game

iq test game
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Find the differences between two pictures or find different numbers are the kinds of vision game. Likewise, this game requires players to be keen and observant so that they can distinguish different colors and choose the correct box.
  • Choose one box which has different color from the others;
  • Game starts only when you click on the first answer;
  • Each level lasts 15 seconds. If you answer wrongly, the time will be deducted 3 seconds. You will lose when running out of time without any answers;
  • The difficulty increases gradually after each questions;
  • Your rank is depend on the score you get.

2. Memory game

test your iq game
This game is one of the way to practice and improve your memory. The rule is so simple. You just have to choose the positions that blue boxes have appeared. The time you can see them is in 1 second.

3. River passing game

the original iq test game

River passing is considered as the oldest classic IQ challenge games. Although its rule is simple, it’s not easy to pass a level. This game requires players to be able to calculate and think logically in a complete way. Therefore, River Passing game is one of the way help you develop intelligence best.
  • To win the game, you have to get 3 sheep and 3 wolves pass the river;
  • The boat can only carry 2 animals each time;
  • At least one animal has to be on the boat to sail;
  • On the boat, if the number of wolves is more than the number of sheep, the sheep will immediately be eaten.

4.Test IQ game

japanese iq test game
This game is choose the correct pictures according to the questions. There are 26 questions and you can do it in 24 minutes. The difficulty increases though each question.
  • The test ends when time’s up so you need to be quick;
  • The test appropriates for 16-year-old people and above;
  • Please do not share the answers in order to ensure fairness for following players;
  • If you get over 130 points, it will be an honor to invite you to join us;
  • You should do the test whenever you feel comfortable and in quiet place.
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