Emotional intelligence is really important with many people nowadays. It helps people have a high job in the future. And now there are 7 reasons below will show for us it’s important with people who want to find a great job.

1. There are better able to handle pressure

Handing pressure and functioning well under high stress situations requires an ability to manage our emotions. People with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more aware of their internal thermometer and there
There are better able to handle pressure

2. Increased Level to understand and cooperate with others

As teamwork becomes increasingly important in the workplace, people who are able to understand, get along with and work well with others will become increasingly sought after. Highly emotional intelligence people have well developed people skills allowing them to develop relationships with a diverse range of personalities and people from various culture and backgrounds.
An asset for people who are able to work well with others have sought after attributes in a increasing globalization and evolving diverse workplace.

Increased Level to understand and cooperate with others


3. Are good listeners

Everyone has a strong desire to be heard and understood. The ability to effectively listen and respond to others is crucial in developing good working relationships. Most people are too busy thinking of how they will reply to be able to actively listen to what others are saying.
Because of their increased ability to understand others, highly emotionally intelligent people are in a better position to put their own emotions and desires aside to respond and focus on listening to what others are saying. Their ability to pick up others emotions allows them pick up on tone of voice and body language, strong indicators of what is going on with speaker.
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Are good listeners

4. Are open to feedback

Open, timely and honest feedback is essential to job performance. People with highly developed emotional intelligence will be less defensive and more open to feedback, especially when it involves areas of improvement. Their high level of self-regard will allow them to look positively at areas that they can improve in rather than taking the information as criticism of their performance.
Their strong sense of self will allow them to realize areas of improvement as performance and making them even more productive and valuable employees.
Are open to feedback

5. More Empathetic towards others

Team harmony and working well together calls for staff to be aware of and respond effectively to the feelings of others. People with high emotional intelligence are able to use their understanding of where others are coming from to create higher levels of trust and cohesiveness. This allows teams to focus on the task at hand rather than become embroiled in internal bickering and politics.
Their sensitively to the needs of others acts as a lubricant that allows team members to effectively gel and work together.
More Empathetic towards others

6. Set an excellent example for others

Their ability to not become flustered when things don’t go according to plan
Set an excellent example for others

7. Make more thoughtful and thorough decisions

Because of their ability to more clearly see things from another’s point of view, highly emotional intelligence people are able to make better judgments on how their decisions will impact others. Not only will this result in better decisions but due to their sensitivity they will be better able to do more effective damage control in case of decisions that will have some negative impact. Being able to better judge the impact of decisions allows them to be more proactive and anticipate the reactions of others to a decisions.
Make more thoughtful and thorough decisions

8. Bringing it all together

With the rates of change and pressure in the workplace increasing, people who have enhanced ability to adapt to change, manage their emotional intelligence and work well with a diverse range of people will become much sought after by employers and human resource departments in all areas of the workplace.
Bringing it all together
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