Emma Watson - IQ of 138, living thrift and mystery

Emma Watson still has everything that every girl dreams of. It's a broken look and a hard-to-deny charm. For more than 10 years in the showbiz, we rarely hear Emma appear on some sensational news or publicity. Somewhat still, she is famous, beautiful, with a prestigious university degree and owns the IQ of 138. Along with the interesting secret about Emma Watson that not everyone knows:

Growing up with the red carpet and many celebrities, however, Emma still feel that learning is the most important. On May 25, she graduated from the Brown University's American Literature Program. Possessing IQ of 138, Emma Watson always reminds people of their intelligence and talent.

iq of 138
Emma Watson IQ of 138. You can test your IQ by Click here 

1. Life savings

Having been voted the world's richest youngster, Emma remained loyal to the popular Toyota Prius she bought at the age of 19. The actress proudly shared, "It's fair to say that it's not the best car on the road, but it's good for the environment. It is conscious and boring, like me".

2. She loves art

Not only the seventh art enthusiast, Emma also owns the ability to draw natural paintings. "I was influenced by Jenny Saville, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Francis Bacon. Although I sometimes feel ashamed of my pen, I still have an endless passion for sketching people's faces and emotions" .With the IQ of 138, she is gifted with a variety of arts.

is an iq of 138 good

3. Having had many problems during adolescence

Emma said, "People look at me on the red carpet, dressed up in their most fashionable hairstyles. But after only two hours, I was myself, facing the dark side of life".

Emma has problems during adolescence


4. Do not like the examination of the media 

media emma watson iq

Many people will be surprised to know that Emma has many different types of diaries. Dream Diary, daily yoga diary, the diary on the calendar ... Because she thinks these things are too personal to put up the press for everyone to discuss. Owning the IQ of 138, she is smart enough to understand that the power of media.

5. Feeling uncomfortable as an actor

Emma struggled furiously between career and education. She felt the most unpleasant moment was when she did not go to school to go to the studio for a long time.

6. She is a yoga expert

emma watson yoga iq

The actress feels she has found the only balance in her turbulent life, which is to practice and teach yoga to others. It is said that she is very good at balancing life with IQ of 138Emma Watson usually meditates. "I needed something to stop the noise," she told GQ. I am a very hot person, so I need something to slow down the process of thinking and let things become quieter This is the habit of people with high IQ, and Emma with IQ of 138 is no exception.

7. Enjoy the mystery 

When asked about humility, Emma said that the more modest the more knowledge is gained. Just like Emma says, "The less you show, the more curious you are".

emma watson iq

8. Emma Watson was born in France

She was born in Paris, lived there until Emma's parents divorced and moved to live in England.

Emma watson was born in France iq

Emma Watson attended a school called "Dragon School". The name of the school probably made many think of it as a school in the Harry Potter series. But it is a school in the English city of Oxford. Emma was here until 2003. Emma had a lover. She and Oxford boyfriend Will Adamowicz broke up last summer after a three-year relationship. Today, she is dating Matthew Janney, who also studied at Oxford.

9. Becoming an actor has long been a dream of Emma Watson

She decided to become an actor at the age of six. Emma has been trained at Stagecoach Theater Arts in Oxford since she was a child. With IQ of 138, she is quite talented in this field.

hermione iq

Emma did not have professional acting experience before joining Harry Potter: Instead, she had just joined a few plays in school.

10. Emma Watson participated in 8 auditions for her role as Hermione

In 1999, she was cast in the first audition through her drama teacher in Oxford. Emma won the role after a harsh selection process when she was only 9 years old. Emma Watson was the youngest ever to appear on the cover of Teen Vogue In November 2005, Emma Watson looked extremely beautiful on the cover of this magazine. She was on the cover of the second magazine in 2009.

harry potter iq

Emma's first Harry Potter role was in 2007. Six years after the first Harry Potter movie, Emma was cast as another character. She appeared in the BBC film Ballet Shoes and dubbed her in the animated film The Tale of Despereaux this year.

11. Emma Watson has declined the role of Cinderella

cinderella iq

The beautiful girl has made many fans regret when she flatly refused the role of Princess Cinderella in the film adaptation is about to be made. Certainly, with the IQ of 138, she had to consider carefully before making this decision.

12. Emma Watson was featured in a music video

emma watson music video iq

Emma appeared in One Night Only's "Say You Do Not Want It" MV. She met her lead vocalist George Craig at a promotional event for Burberry, who broke up after a date. This MV debuted in June 2010.

13. Emma Watson talented woman 

After earning $ 20 million (over 400 billion) in 2009, she was awarded the highest paid actress award. Hollywood on the Forbes annual list. At this time she was only 19 years old.Emma has four diaries: one for dreams, one for painting, one for night writing, and one for work-related topics. This is a typical habit of high IQs like Emma with IQ of 138.

Emma Watson is "Woman of 2013" iq

Emma Watson is "Woman of 2013" she was named "Woman of the Year" by GQ Magazine. She was humble when friends teased about this.

In short, with the IQ of 138, Emma Watson has been very successful in the areas that she pursued. In addition, with high IQ, Emma is a model who balances life, helping her avoid the fuss of celebrities. She is the kind of person many people dream of. 

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