123 IQ and the facts about IQ

Normally, IQ is used to compare the intelligence of two different people. With 123 IQ, the numbers are pretty high for you to top smart. However, in fact, there are still IQ in normal but achieved great success in life. Here are the reasons why the IQ is no longer important ...

I. Initially, IQ was used to detect children with intellectual disabilities

Very few people know that IQ's original goal is in stark contrast to the way we use it today. Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, who built the IQ calculation in 1905, only wanted to use it to detect children with intellectual disabilities. While today, people use IQ to measure intelligence and discover geniuses.

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In addition, many studies, when people reach the age of 15, IQ tests are no longer important. At this point, the IQ has reached its peak and is almost unchanged throughout its life. So, 123 IQ means you are on the top of the smart list and it is very difficult to improve your scores on very intelligent people or geniuses.

Thus, IQ is only really suitable for children at a lower age, as it accurately reflects the correlation between two different children's intelligence, with different age-of-intellectual development.

IQ used detect children with intellectual disabilities

II. IQ test is not fair

IQ tests are not fair. Because most of us use common knowledge questions to test IQ. Therefore, it is very risky if somebody accidentally knows all that is in the test. For example, with a baby just seeing the apple from the blue. So with the question "what color apple?" When the answer is red, obviously I will make a mistake. Does it say that you are not smart?


IQ test is not fair

Or as a question sorts the letters C, I, F, A, I, P, C into one word. If you learn English, obviously you are easy to find the answer is PACIFIC.

However, what if IQ test takers know German, French, Russian but do not learn English? He will also make a mistake, but that does not mean he is not smart. Therefore, when you reach 123 IQ does not mean that you are smarter than people in the normal group and vice versa. 
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III. IQ does not measure creativity

IQ does not measure human creativity. We often know Einstein has an IQ of 160, Leonardo da Vinci of 220. This can not be asserted that Einstein was not created with the Italian genius? At the same time IQ cannot help us compare geniuses in different fields, such as mathematics with language.

IQ not measure creativity

In fact, measuring the intelligence of previous geniuses in different areas is very difficult. It is absolutely necessary to estimate that through the contributions that the geniuses have left to their lives. Beethoven, for example, is a musical genius. If you do a normal IQ test today, would you achieve a high IQ of 165 as estimated? The answer is not sure. Because in history, Beethoven was only good in the field of music and ... not excellent in math. In fact, he just stopped learning arithmetic and was not able to solve the average grade.

So, with 123 IQ will not evaluate your level of creativity. 

IV. IQ lacks comprehensiveness

IQ does not measure human intelligence. According to a study at the University of Western Canada in Canada, determining intelligence can only be measured in IQ is a real mistake. Lead researcher and neurologist Dr. Adrian Owen said that current tests developed in the 1950s and 1960s are no longer compatible with the general development. It's too simple.

Instead, the intelligence of a human being must be determined by three factors: reason, instant memory, and language ability.

IQ lacks comprehensiveness

To replace the IQ tests, the team proposed another test, consisting of 12 cognitive tasks, conducted on 100,000 volunteers. They built them into six sets of multiple-choice questions to test the agility of the brain for 8-18 minutes, combining brain scans.

After the experiment, Dr. Owen concluded: "If there is something in the brain that is an IQ, we can already find it by brain scan. But it turns out there is no area in the brain that is related to the so-called human IQ. " Therefore, when you achieve 123 IQ that reflects only your level of awareness and logic, your language ability. 

V. The time issue in the IQ test

Taking a particular case, it is the story of Einstein being a weak student in school who is somewhat misleading. Historically, his tests have always been good, especially excellent in the fields of nature.

time in the IQ test

What Einstein encountered while in school was contradictory to the teacher's teaching method. He could not fit in with a high-speed mechanical recitation, so always being scolded as a child with poor memory. Just like the IQ tests, usually have a timer, it really does not suit the cautious. They think very carefully, however, IQ test scores may not be high because the time limit is not appropriate. So, 123 IQ scores are not necessarily accurate. 

In short, IQ is not everything, nor does it measure up to your ability. So, with 123 IQ, the score is pretty good, but it's not the basis for your abilities. However, IQ is still an important base that reflects the level of awareness and ability to think logically, in your language.

Do you find yourself possessing the above characteristics? Whether or not but with 123 IQ you can completely your life! 
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