134 IQ - From very smart to genius is not difficult

Either way, I'm sure you have a very good index of 134 IQs. But do you know that there are so many ways to make yourself smarter? In terms of IQ, we average 80-119. This index tends to rise and peak in adolescence and over 20, then will maintain stability. But that does not mean everything is arranged and we can not do anything to improve our intelligence.

"In fact, intelligence can increase, even fairly quickly" Bryan Roche said, a researcher with psychology and behavior at the National University of Ireland. Today's psychology. "Those who insist IQ can not change just think of scores, they will almost stay the same, he said. But we are talking about the level of intelligence, the other and can be improved".

I. Practice the ability to remember

Professor Susanne Jaeggi of the University of California, Irvine have discovered that with the frequent practice of N-back tasks, you will have a much better memory (N-back task is a memory training game. For example, when you finish task 5, you will have to remember the requirements 1, 2, 3, 4 to actually As such, the number of tasks that you have to print deep into your memory is unlimited. As a result of high memory capacity, you can improve 134 IQ to a level of 145 IQ.

write memory iq

N-back task not only require language track but also location and behavior information. While this game is very popular and free on the Internet, you can practice it anytime.

II. Receive new ideas

Another way to increase your intellect is to broaden your relationships, be more open to the opinions and views of others. This will help you develop your mind and have the opportunity to promote your awareness. Learning is the process of receiving information, meeting new people, and listening to their views, especially when those views are the opposite of you.

Receive new ideas iq

"Be ready to receive ideas that you do not have a reason for, and try to find meaning in them," Roche wrote.

When you get a new perspective your knowledge will increase and you can quickly improve your IQ. Currently, with 134 IQ you are in a very intelligent group that only accounts for 2% of the population. However, if you constantly acquire more knowledge you can become a genius with an IQ of 145 or higher.
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III. Search motivation

Other extraordinary successes stem from a certain motive. "You want it, you crave it so much, that it cannot be abandoned. You are willing to accept sacrificing everything from time, money, sleep, friendship or even your reputation - that's called real motivation. "- Shenk writes.Motivation can be unconscious or unconscious and can arise for any reason: inspiration, depression, the desire for revenge, or simply not wanting to regret it in the future.

If you have the motivation to increase your IQ to become a genius, you can achieve it. Today you only reached 134 IQ but know after a period of time you will get 145 IQ or more? That can be a reality. 

IV. Practice cardio exercises

These exercises will help you improve your language skills while significantly improving your long-term memory, according to a study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. "Cardiovascular exercises are closely related to the level of awareness. On the other hand, exercising muscles produces the opposite effect, "said researcher Maria Aberg. 

V. Play game online

This action seems to be a waste of time, and the electronic gameplay helps to mobilize all of the neurons and requires a rhythmic coordination between the limbs and the brain.

In addition, today's popular video games also require quite high levels of spatial sensitivity, memory shaping, or strategic thinking. In a study by the Institute for Human Development and the Charité School of Medicine in Germany, scientists discovered video games like Super Mario, which helped to improve the player's senses, perceptions, and concentration.

play game iq

Electronic games, in addition to the negative aspects that most people see, possess ways in which they can develop their minds and skills. Online video games help people train their ability to do many things at the same time, as well as maintain a high level of speed and memory that will decrease with age.

VI. Meditation

Meditation is a very good therapy for the nervous system, according to research by the University of Oregon and the Texas Institute of Neuroscience. Participants in this five-day study were instructed to meditate for 20 minutes each day, focusing on breathing, posture, and mental adjustment.


Meditation develops IQ

Scientists have found that this exercise improves brain function and improves intelligence. Do meditation to help improve 134 IQ.

VII. Do not ask yourself to do good things

Genius is not synonymous with having to accomplish everything perfectly. Einstein is one of the greatest geniuses in history and he himself has admitted that he has suffered many failures. He has failed in history, language and geography in college entrance exams. Only that is enough proof that the brain of the great genius also cannot contain information on every field.

Therefore, you do not aim to impose your goals to become "Ph.D. Being an excellent individual in your favorite and passionate field is a lot more encouraging.

VIII. Search for your passion

A person can not dream of becoming a scientific genius when he does not love to explore the field. The only passion that makes one spend most of their time exploring and researching something. On the contrary, when forced, despite spending time, investment effort can hardly find passion.

Search for your passion iq

If you have the passion to conquer the IQ, you can completely upgrade from 134 IQ to 145 IQ and beyond.

With these eight methods, you can completely become a genius even if you currently own 134 IQ. Work hard and practice the new knowledge to become a successful person.

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