IQ 146 and its meaning

If you have an IQ of over 145, you are one of the "Genius" of the world. You are smarter than 99% of the population and have the intelligence of scientists.

IQ 146 and its meaning

IQ test was first invented in the 20th century by Alfred Binet. This test is used to classify primary pupils in France. Students with low scores will receive additional support after school. Gradually, IQ tests became popular and introduced to other countries like Germany and the US. Scientists have researched and standardized IQ test based on norm groups to apply widely for many different purposes. Even a community has been established to gather people with the highest IQ for the purpose of nurturing and developing talent. Based on the IQ scores, we can partly explain the success of famous artists, politicians and scientists. In fact, IQ tests primarily test general intelligence and do not evaluate other types of intelligence. However, this is enough to judge some of your inner potential because general intelligence can be applied in many different areas of life. How many types of intelligence a person can have? With an IQ of 146, what are your potentials? Check it out below.
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I. Types of intelligence

Human intelligence is inherently complex and multi-layered. Here are the 9 most common types of intelligence discovered and classified.

  • Naturalist Intelligence. This is the ability to discriminate, treat and use animals, plants and objects around you. For example, you know how to take care of plants and pets effectively, or use complex ingredients when cooking. This skill is strongly developed with botanist or chef;

  • Muscial Intelligence. This intelligence helps you distinguish sound, pitch and rhythm. This is the intelligence that can be trained through school, but with almost all singers and musicians, they were born with extremely good sense of sound;

  • Spatial Intelligence. This is the ability to think in three dimensions with extremely good imagination. Pilots, designers and architects are the professions that require this skill;

  • Logical Intelligence. If you solve math problems extremely quickly or see the connectivity of everything very easily, you can say that you develop extremely strong logical intelligence. This is the skill most applicable to life and makes us easier to complete tasks at work. Mathematicians, scientists, teachers and detectives possess high logical intelligence;

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence. People with intrapersonal intelligence understand their inner self, know what they want and should do. They have insight about themselves and can control their emotions and actions in a certain direction. They are mentally strong and can provide spiritual support for others;

  • Interpersonal Intelligence. This is the ability to understand and interact with people around you, including verbal communication and action. This intelligence is similar to emotional intelligence, expressed primarily through your relationships with those around you. People with high intrapersonal intelligence are often loved by people around them;

  • Linguistic Intelligence. You must have met good writers, good speakers, or multilingual speakers. When it comes to words, they are extremely good at choosing words that fit the context, expressing exactly what they want. Diplomats, teachers, poets, writers, journalists or speakers are the people who possess this skill;

  • Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence. Dancers, sports players, craftmen possess this intelligence. They can grasp techniques and physical moves quickly and perform extremely accurately;

  • Existential Intelligence. You have a multi-dimensional view of your life and existence if you possessed this intelligence. You constantly ask questions and find answers about the meaning of life. You are will aware of your roles and responsibilities in life.

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II. How good is IQ 146

If you have an IQ of over 145, you are one of the "Genius" of the world. You are smarter than 99% of the population and have the intelligence of scientists. You can become a professor, a doctor, a chess master, an astronaut, or a software engineer. You have the ability to make more money than anyone else because there is hardly anyone who can replace you in any task that requires high brain power.

IQ 146 can be said as a blessing that only 0.2% of the world's population receives. Therefore, you need to be responsible to use them effectively. Not everyone has the opportunity to own this intelligence to carry out in-depth studies and bring great innovations to humanity. Effective use of this intelligence benefits both you and the people around you.

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Many people believe that innate intelligence cannot change, but if you are lazy and do not have a clear direction in life and career, you may lose your intelligence. For example, after not using a foreign language for a long time, you will lose its vocabulary and agility for that language. The same thing happens with intelligence.

Don't forget to nurture relationships around you and practice a positive attitude towards life to seize every opportunity that life gives you. You cannot lead a happy life alone, you need to be in contact with people around you, you need to have family and friends. Although it's hard to find people with the same level of intelligence as you, if you listen and understand, you can still make friends with people with lower IQ score. Sometimes, you can learn a lot about life from them.

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