There actually quite a lot of smart actors in the business. This is not too much of a surprise because some actors really use their brains to analyze and portray their characters well in any given situation, but still did you realize that they were this genius?

1. Yoo So Hee

This is SM actress is in the top science and engineering university of South Korean, KAIST, for chemical and bio-molecular engineering. Yoo So Hee has IQ 145
Yoo So Hee IQ 145

2. Nam Ji Hyun

The young actress is studying psychology at the high-ranking Sogang University.

Nam Ji Hyun has high IQ

3. Lee Buyng Hun

Revealed his IQ to be 155
Lee Buyng Hun IQ 155

4. Kim Tae Hee

Has IQ test of 148. She scored 100% in all subjects throughout middle school, raking her in first place by a long shot. She was accepted into the top university of South Korea, Seoul University.

Kim Tae Hee IQ 148

5. Ha Yeon Joo

Known to have highest IQ test of 156 and is a member of the Mensa Society.

Ha Yeon Joo IQ 156

6. Kim Jung Hoon

His IQ was 146 while he was in elementary school. While he promoted as singing group UN, he studied dentistry at the prestigious Seoul University.

Kim Jung Hoon IQ 146

7. Kim Rae Won

He not only plays a smart doctor but also has a pretty highest IQ test in real life. He has an IQ in the high 140’s.

Kim Rae Won IQ 140

8. Park Ye Jin

Mentioned in “Family Outing” that her IQ is 147.

Park Ye Jin IQ 147

9. Ji Sung

The son of well-respected educators, he has highest IQ test of 147.

Ji Sung IQ 147

10. Kim Hye Soo

This actress with an IQ of 140 graduated from the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University.

Kim Hye Soo IQ 140

11. Jang Dong Gun

Known to have an IQ of 143

Jang Dong Gun IQ 143

12. Song Joong Ki

Had the highest grade of “Outstanding” in every single subject in his senior year of high school. Always ranked in the top ten, scored a 380 out of 400 in his college entrance exam and was accepted into Sungkyunkwan University. He has highest IQ test of 140.


Song Joong Ki IQ 140

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