What is indicated from IQ 149?

Intelligence consists of various aspects and is difficult to define. Scientists have been trying to encompass all aspects of intelligence with multiple definitions but none of them can truly give us an accurate view on this concept.

Intelligence consists of various aspects and is difficult to define. Scientists have been trying to encompass all aspects of intelligence with multiple definitions but none of them can truly give us an accurate view on this concept.

The most known and common in use is general intelligence, which includes reasoning skills, cognitive capacities and critical thinking. IQ test are used to measure this type of intelligence. The scores given are compared with average score of people at the same age with the test taker.

Most test takers are children whose parents want to determine their mental capacities to have proper education and the right approach to develop their full potentials. IQ tests are also used in recruitment processes to overview potentials of candidates for a certain job.

What can be indicated from your IQ score? What potentials are you holding if you have IQ 149?

I. How to interpret 149 IQ

149 iq

If you have an IQ score of 149, you are listed among the group of Very Superior Intelligence. You are one of a kind as there are only less than 2% of the world population share similar briliance with you.

You may receive tons of compliments on how smart you are at school or at work. You are blessed to have extra ordinary mental abilities, creative mind and analysis skills. People in your group make huge advancements in science or academic fields. They are all considered genius.

However the IQ score only can not bring you fruition. There are cases of scientists who are not high scorers discovered breakthroughs for human being. The main point here is to possess essential traits to lead you through difficulties in your way to pursue your passion.

It is crucial for anyone, with high IQ score or not, to be enthusiastic and have a drive to employ their brain power to create useful work of long lasting value. This gift comes with great responsibity of using it wisely and serving for mankind benefits.

Your attitude matters as well. Some smart men tend to look down on others and disrespect people who is not as smart as them. It's definitely something can close doors and throw away your opportunities in life. Relationships can determine your success in today world so don't be arrogant and lead yourself to the dead end of your career. Don't waste your intelligence just because you have no ambition or motivation.

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II. Jimmy Savile - An English DJ and radio host with IQ 149

Jimmy Savile was born in 1926 in Leeds to a Catholic family. He worked in coal mines during World War II at the age of 18. He later dealt on scrap metal and started playing records since early 1940s and became the first DJ.

iq 149


In 1952, he changed his job and worked as a professional wrestler. In the next years, Savile became manager of the Plaza Ballroom in Manchester and in the late 1950s, he managed another ballroom the Mecca Locarno. Savile was discovered by a music agent at this time.

He started as a Radio DJ for Radio Luxembourg since 1958. His shows attracted up to 6 million listeners after 10 years and was listed among the greatest shows in the UK. No wonder why he was a DJ at that time.

Savile presented a great number of programmes including Savile's Travel, Speakeasy, Jimmy Savile's Old Record Club, The Double Top Ten Show on Radio 1 and The Vintage Chart Show on BBC World Service.

Besides radio, Jimmy Savile also played television role for music programmes. He hosted Young at Heart for Tyne Tees Television in 1960, Top of the Pops for BBC in 1964. Together with Pete Murray, Savile fronted New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert on television.

His shows were not limited to music only, in 1973, he presented a series which promoted road safety. Savile made an impact on the viewers with his Jim'll Fix It show for family that he won an award for his performance on this show.

His life and career became the topic of series and documentary including This Is Your Life (1970 & 1990) Is This Your Life? (1995) When Louis Met… (2000)

Although his career was a great success, what drew public attention to his was his charity fundraising. It is estimated he raised up to 40 million pound during his lifetime.

iq of 149

Awards received by Jimmy Savile

  • Marry Whitehouse's National Viewers' and Listeners' Association for Wholesome Family Entertainment - 1977;
  • NME Awards for The Best DJ in UK - 1964;
  • OBE in 1971.

With his IQ 149, Savile were capable of following academic path, however, he chose to pursue his born talent in music. Savile did not attend college or held any degree but he was successful during his lifetime. It is clear from this example that, academic achievements are not the only base for your success. You can have either a high IQ score or not, there is possibility that you find you own way to pursue your dream and lead a happy life.
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