Free IQ test become a popular method nowadays to measure people’s IQ all over the world. However you should understand about the rule testing of some website.

The questions below will provide for you many useful informations to be able to join testing your IQ effectively.



1. Is this test reliable?

Numerous works and scientific publications dedicated to this kind of test have been published.

It has been demonstrated that there is a 70% correlation between the results of this test and educational achievement. Consequently, the higher your result in this test the greater your chances of success at higher levels of study. Obviously, the inverse is not true.

In comparison, the correlation factors in other free IQ test have an average variation comprising between 20 and 60%.

2. How has this test been designed?

This test composed of a series of 45 matrices, divided into 3 sets of 15 matrices each. The level of difficulty is increasing and linear. The matrices become more and more complex and their logic becomes more and more difficult to discern.

3. Can my child take this test?

Absolutely. Although it is used most often by adults, this test is valid for children from age 6 and a half to age 16 and a half. The free IQ test obtained is automatically adjusted to account for age during the normalization phase.

4. Is it a paid test?

At the end of this test, you can see your result about IQ test that this does not need to pay any fee (totally free for you).

5. How is the IQ calculated?

After completing the test, your score will firstly be converted according to international standards and correlated to a percentile based on your age.
The higher the percentile, the better the performance. For instance, a percentile of 67 indicated that 67% of subjects achieved a lower score.

Secondly, your percentile is correlated with your free IQ test using the Wechsler Scale (standard deviation 15). The average IQ is 100, if you exceed 100, you have above average intelligence and a lower score indicated that according to a specific measure, you are less intelligent.

6. Why a purely visual test?

This test is an international test, known as non-linguistic and culture fair (in other words a cultural): there are neither letters nor numbers, only logical sequences in geometric shapes.

Thanks to this particularity, this test is used by psychologist for more than 40 years and throughout the world for people from different cultures and who speak different languages.

It is often the best choice, especially in schools where students often come from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

7. How long does it take?

In order to provide the most comfortable test environment for all users, this free IQ test is administered in an open-ended session. Most people complete the test in less than 45 minutes, the best in less than 10 minutes.

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