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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born 24 October 1989), known online as PewDiePie. He is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer. He is known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs, as well as his following on YouTube. Since 15 August 2013, PewDiePie has been the most subscribed user on YouTube, being surpassed for a total of 46 days in late 2013 by YouTube Spotlight.

Holding the position since 22 December 2013, the channel has over 57 million subcribers as of November 2017. From 29 December 2014 to 14 February 2017, PewDiePie's channel held the distinction of being  the most viewed of all time, and as of November 2017, the channel has received over 16 billion video views.

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PewDiePie was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was born to Lotta Kristine  Johanna and Ulf Christian Kjellberg, and grew up with his sister Fanny. His mother, a former KappAhl CIO, was named the 2010 CIO of the Year in Sweden. His father is also a Chief Executive of another company.

During his early schooling life, he was interested in art, and has detailed that he would draw popular video game characters such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. In 2008, he graduated from Goteborgs Hogre Samskola. He then went on to pursue a degree in industrial economics and technology management at Chalmers University of Technology, but left the university in 2011. In 2010, during his time at the university, he registered a YouTube account under the name PewDiePie.

Then he started posting his first video game Call of Duty on YouTube. After he dropped out of Chalmers, his parents refused to support him, and he funded his early videos by selling prints of his Photoshop art, as well as working at a hot dog stand.

The nature of PewDiepie's video content has been described by various outlets as goofy, energetic, obnoxious and filled with profanity. However, many of the same outlets concede that PewDiePie's content is genuine and unfiltered. Sarah Begley of Time said his clips contained "charismatic narration".

PewDiePie's commentaries have had a positive effect on sales of indie games. For instance the developers of McPixel stated, "The largest force driving attention to Mcpixel at that time were Let'sPlay videos. Mostly by Jesse Cox and PewDiePie". PewDiePie has also been confirmed to have positively influenced the sales of Slender: The Eight Pages and Goat Simulator. PewDiePie, along with characters from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which PewDiePie renamed and made characters within his own commentaries were referenced to by a Mcpixel level designed in his honour. Additionally, in the video game Surgeon Simulator 2013, the Alien Surgery stage features an organ called "Pewdsball" in honour of PewDiePie.

PewDiePie agreed to allow the developers of Surgeon Simulator 2013 to use his likeness in GOTY IDST, a showering simulation video game. PewDiePie was also included as a NPC in the indie game, Party Hard.

Swedish columnist Lars Lindstrom commented positively about PewDiePie, stating, "that Felix Kjellberg has a comic talent is indisputable. It is both amazingly awful and amazingly funny when a father bikes around with his son in the game Happy Wheels and both get crushed and bloogy again and again and PewDiePie improvises absurd comments as the game continues. The secret is that he really loves to play these games and that he has fun doing it".

He often calls his fans "Bro Army", he usually makes a "Brofist" in the last minute before saying goodbye to clips. Walker wrote, "Profanity aside, it's a bummer that his persona includes constant references to his viewers as "bros", "and that he's loose with words like "bitch" when his gaming adventures lead him into contact with female villain characters.

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Given how smart this guy clearly is when he speaks directly, I suspect he could modify his demeanor in a way that remained engaging to a young fan base but somehow contributed to improving gamer-land's sometimes disturbingly bro-centric attitude". However, both Walker and Reed have commented on PewDiePie's intelligence, with Reed opining, "He's much more thoughtful and self-aware than he seems in many of his videos".

PewDiePie has stated "many people see me as a friend they can chill with for 15 minutes a day", "The loneliness in front of the computer screens brings us together. But i never set out to be a role model; I just want to invite them to come over to my place". Some of his viewers created and contributed to a thread expresing that he has made them happier and feel better about themselves.

He has been a philanthropist for the World Wildlife Fund and the St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. PewDiePie also began a "Water Campaign" charity, where his fans could donate money to Charity: Water, in celebration of reaching ten million subscribers. In December 2016, he hosted "Cringemas", a livestream held across two days, with other Revelmode creators. During the livestream, they helped raise money for RED, a charity committed to helping eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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