If you wonder how intelligent you are and compare your IQ test score to other well-known genius such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, you can take any IQ tests online. However, not all of them are free and accurate.

So here is the list of free online IQ tests, which give you a reliable result. Good luck and enjoy!

1.      Iq-test.net



Time limit – 24 minutes

Number of questions – 26

Age requirements – none

Review - 100% picture, this is one of the most accurate online IQ Test. You can do it no anywhere as you like.

2.      iqtest.dk



Time limit – 40 minutes

Number of questions – 39

Age requirements – none

Review – the test is based on logic, which measure your general knowledge.

3.      tiptopglobe.com


Time limit – 30 minutes

Number of questions – 40

Age requirements – none

Review – this is similar to IQtest.dk. However, you may feel annoy as there are some ads surrounding the questions and make you distracted.

4.      iqtest.com


Time limit – you have to finish your test as fast as possible because it will affect your score at the end.

Number of questions – 38

Age requirements – none

Review – if you are not good at English, the result of this free online IQ test may be lower than it would be if you took an IQ test in your mother tongue language.

5.      funeducation.com


Time limit – none

Number of questions – 43

Age requirements – 18+

Review – this exam consists of some areas such as spatial reasoning and verbal reasoning in order to measure your performance.

6.      iqout.com


Time limit – 26 minutes 15 seconds

Number of questions – 35

Age requirements – none

Review – this test is taken under a pure pattern recognition form. The average value of all the test will be 100, so the score of each completed test will affect to your finale result.

7.      iqtest-center.com


Time limit – none       

Number of questions – 60

Age requirements –8 to 60

Review – the questions of this test are culture free and image. However, this free online IQ test doesn’t have time constraint.

8.      mensa.org


Time limit – 30 minutes

Number of questions – 30

Age requirements – none

Review – this is just a sample test for entertainment purpose

9.      alliqtests.com


There are 48 IQ tests with different type of questions and time limit for you to choose.

10.  iqexam.org


Time limit – 25 minutes

Number of questions – 43

Age requirements – 18+

Review – this test will measure your IQ score through spatial reasoning and word analysis.



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