What does an IQ of 102 mean?

IQ level 102 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 102 mean?

IQ level 102 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 102 :
  • You have the ability to analyze and evaluate problems;
  • You take advantage of cost effectiveness, quality, and time;
  • You are always trying to build credibility;
  • You have the ability to create and execute strategies;
  • You are constantly learning and innovating;
  • You are a sharing person;
  • You are considerate, considerate and considerate of others;
  • You have good communication skills;
  • You are careful, meticulous.

II. Discover 2 careers suitable for 102 IQ

1. Nutritionist

A registered dietitian is someone who does scientific research and advises in the fields of nutrition, food, health and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists are people who have expertise in the human body and holistic health care practices. Depending on the case, a nutritionist will capture information about the health and give appropriate advice.
Nutritionist IQ 102 career
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Practicing nutritionist has appeared for a long time, but in the recent years and in the future, this job has become and will become a * hot * career with high demand for human resources, especially human young. Depending on the work context and personal desires, nutrition students graduate from school will be able to choose from different fields such as family nutrition, sports nutrition, fitness, medical nutrition, and safety. food,…

a. The work of a nutritionist

Nutritionist acts as a scientist and a consultant doctor. They are the ones who make every day efforts to study about nutrition and health issues with the rapidly changing science and society. Besides, they are also doctors who advise on diet and activities for everyone.

The work of a registered dietitian includes the following:
  • Research and evaluate existing nutritional problems, questioning problems and search for new aspects of nutritional science;
  • Providing and reporting nutritional information and health advice to a wider audience;
  • Develop new diets and menus that are suitable for many people and help improve public health;
  • Nutrition counseling for individuals, however, according to their status and needs.
In the ever-changing modern life, health problems appear more and more complex. At this time, nutrition experts act as "strategists" and "military" trustworthy, to help the community improve life. Besides, during epidemic seasons, natural disasters or bad circumstances, nutritionists will be a powerful bridge between the health apparatus and the people to join hands in protecting common health.

b. Qualities and skills required of a nutritionist

  • Ability to analyze and evaluate problems: This is an essential skill for research and counseling on health matters. A dietitian needs to be able to analyze and evaluate to understand and give reasonable advice to different people;
  • Solid expertise, dedicated to the profession: Strong expertise is an indispensable factor for a dietitian. As a person who has a direct impact on everyone's daily diet, professional responsibility and dedication will be the basis for the nutritionist to give the best advice;
  • Attentive, attentive and interested in the subject of consultation: Nutrition is an important but sometimes neglected aspect of ourselves. That is why a nutritionist needs to be thoughtful and attentive to understand these problems in order to share and offer the best solution with the consultant;
  • Carefully: The field of nutrition research is actually researching everyday activities, even very small and easily ignored by everyone.So a nutritionist needs to be careful and meticulous to detect out of that matter.

2. Logistics

Every career field needs certain qualities to be successful. With logistics you will also need many qualities, the most important of which is the knowledge and skills in data management, critical thinking, the ability to persuade customers ...
logistics IQ 102 career
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a. Ability to see the big picture

To be successful in this career field, you must have a broad view from start to finish. A logistics specialist can foresee what will happen to everything from packaging to shipping and delivery. The combination of critical thinking and experiences you have accumulated in the past will help support your current job. You must also be able to develop contingency plans to keep your processes running. Planning in advance is a key part of logistics.

b. Adaptability

Sophie Miles, CEO of CalculatorBuddy.com, said that after having almost 10 years of experience in the internet business in Europe, she expanded her company into logistics and supply chain. . One of the important things she learned on the new business path is that adaptability and flexibility are important when you face the challenges of the job.

c. Stay calm under pressure

Supply chain workplaces are often very fast paced and each step depends on completing the previous step in a good way. Pressure is inevitable. A production line with insufficient raw materials or the wrong material can be shut down, the big risk can be germinated from very small things, which can lead to large sums of money just in time. short time.
To be successful in logistics, you need to make a decision in seconds while remaining alert and alert.

d. Effective problem solving skills

Problem solving skills are the top quality to becoming professional and successful if you pursue a career in logistics. When you interact with successful people, you will realize that the common denominator between them is effective problem solving. A logistics specialist will use many aspects of problem solving analysis, mastering business development knowledge, operating information, psychology ... In addition, technology, data, goods and people. are also used and are often incorporated into operations, helping to achieve positive results for your business.

e. Constantly creating and innovating

Intense focus on expertise and technical innovation is key to helping your logistics company stand out from others. Once you have an overview, you can use the collected information to track, analyze, and tailor the processes accordingly. As the name suggests, continuous process improvement is a never-ending cycle.
Logistics Iq 102
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g. Proficient in project management

Michelle Gomez is a writer, career guide and a logistics & supply chain specialist with nearly 20 years of working experience. She observed that the most successful logistics professionals have one thing in common: they are organizational-oriented, and also detailed.
She is very important to making daily plans and solving her tasks as efficiently as possible. Logistics management involves many important details that must be carefully considered and planned accordingly.
Logistics experts also agree on this. Team organization skills are a must for a successful manager. In this position, you need coordination with many different groups, every detail must be taken into account. Products must meet certain standards and be delivered within a specified period of time, the ultimate effective direction to achieve is in terms of time and cost.

h. Management capabilities

Employees in the logistics industry need to be able to handle situations in stressful environments and high work intensity, high pressure because businesses always have unexpected changes, such as weather conditions, delivery information, accidents and equipment failures.
In a work environment where you must always keep yourself alert and active, don't let stress affect your attitudes and productivity, day in and day out, owning all the best. The above substance is the guarantee of sustainable success.
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