Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a term to describe the ability of a person to recognize and understand his own emotions as well as those of the others. Most people still assumed that working in business or other professional environments require us to separate our emotions in order to maintain the profession. However, new researches demonstrated that emotional quotient plays an important role in managing an organization, managing a group, employees and doing business in general as well as in personal, family or social relationships.

We can see that a person with low emotional quotient and a person with high emotion quotient still have a good job, family and life. However, behind that sufficient life is the pressure from the huge amount of work and family in a long time. If you don’t understand your emotions, you will be easy to make several bad decisions due to lack of ability to understand what happened in your emotions. Some people use stimulant such as wine, tobacco or drug and engage in family violence. The main reason is not because that person is not good, but he is lack of ability to control his emotions and that leads to unsuitable behaviors.

In contrast, people with high emotional quotient find it easy to realize pressure, worries, stress related to business. They remove their negative feelings and solve that effectively. They use healthy ways to express or share their feelings with friends and family. This helps people with high emotional quotient get back to work happily and ready to make good choices. To recognize people have high emotional quotient or not, you don’t have to depend on complicated tests, just pay attention to below 9 points:

1. Recognize and control your own emotions and others’ emotions

People who have high emotion quotient often have a variety of vocabulary of different kinds of emotions. They understand what feeling is considered as hate, love, greed, jealous, sympathy, confident,… Therefore, they are able to identify what they and other people are thinking, control their emotions, spirit to adapt and behave with the present situation.

2. Don’t expect things unreasonably

Unreasonably expectations often create stress and disappointment with yourself and people around you. People have high emotion quotient often discuss, make plans, conduct plans, and hope a good result.

3. Stop unhealthy relationships

Stop unhealthy relationships
Stopping a relationship does not mean running away. Running away from situations or emotions never helps us solve the problems as we can stay away from unhealthy relationships temporarily. But in terms of emotions and psychology, that person is still able to have an attendance in our memory, which makes us feel unstable. The way to stop relationships clearly and transparently is stop the moral relationships. When we are calm and do not care anymore, our mood will be stable even if we see that person. That’s the perfect way to end a relationship.

4. Stand out negative

With people have high emotion quotient, negative things never have a chance to exist around them or inside them. A negative individual or action often derives from jealousy, greedy, cruelty. You can stand out unnecessary relationships by staying away from taking part in unreasonably situations.

5. Know how to say “No” reasonably

Know how to say “No” reasonably
One of the most important skills of a person with high emotional quotient is the ability to deny, especially you have to say ‘no’ with yourself. Say ‘no’ with a confident and without any bias is the ability to deny effectively.
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6. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries and limits is necessary to avoid unreasonable expectation or illusion. Moreover, it also helps us avoid to be taken advantage or be annoyed in terms of emotions and material.

7. Don’t let people affect badly

People who have high emotional quotient never let other people affect negatively to their lives. They don’t feel unhappy or jealous with other’s successful, especially don’t be influence by the others uncontrollably.

8. Learn from last experiences or other people

High emotional quotient people always know to learn from their mistakes or past experiences of the others in order to expect similar situations in the future.

9. Love and respect yourself

One of the signs of a high emotional quotient is that they love and respect themselves. They know to choose activities that make them happy and peaceful. Love and respect yourself doesn’t mean always try to achieve most advantage things, but it’s also a balance between giving and taking positive emotions with people around you.

We can probably know that spending time to identify and understand our emotions is more positive and constructive than running away and hiding them. More awful is someone tries to hide their emotion by stimulant such as wine, tobacco or drug. The more you can understand your emotions, the more your life is getting positive, simple and gentle. There’s no stimulant that help us stay away from troubles but we stand up by ourselves.
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