4 IQ Test types you must know

Many IQ test types have been developed and commonly used all over the world. Understanding these concepts help you not only success in life but also in recruitment process.

4 Type of IQ test

Following the first IQ test of Simon and Binet, many test types have been developed, especially the two tests are commonly used worldwide:
- The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
- Raven’s Progressive Matrices

You can be taken at a fee if you want to access these tests. However, it is guaranteed your privacy information. Although some tests on the Internet are free, they may be unreliable. So do not take the results so seriously. If you want to find the tests which have goodwill, you can take the IQ test on this site.

IQ tests are divided into many aspects of your intelligence. Depending on different types of questions, they can measure every single area of your mental intelligence. What type of questions are on an IQ test? Below are 4 type of IQ test you must know:
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1. Verbal reasoning

type of iq test

The verbal IQ test measure the ability to learn, understand and use language in different ways. Some criteria for a high verbal intelligence are quick understanding of text and a large vocabulary as well as apply them in practice.

Verbal reasoning tests are used to select the most suitable applicants in entrance examinations by schools, colleges and university, as well as the recruitment process.

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2. Numerical reasoning

what type of questions are on an iq test

Numerical IQ test identify the ability to calculate. This test is a basic method to measure intelligence, requires you answer some questions of facts and figures by choosing one correct option for each question. The aim of this IQ test type is to ensure you are comfortable with numbers, mathematical functions and the interpretation of data.

Numeral reasoning test are often applied in recruitment process at some majors such as investment banks, consulting firms, and accountancy & professional services.

3. Logical reasoning

what type of questions are in an iq test

Logical reasoning test insists of deductive, inductive and abduction reasoning.
- Deductive reasoning: the process of giving a logical conclusion from one or more statements.
- Inductive reasoning: the premises that supply strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion.
- Abductive reasoning: the logical inference starts with an observation then seeks to fin the simplest and most likely explanation. (Wikipedia). However, the premises do not guarantee the conclusion.

4. Spatial reasoning

what type of test is an iq test

The last IQ test type is spatial reasoning test measures the ability to understand and solve complicated spatial problems among objects or space. Spatial abilities involve understanding the outside world and also the processing outside information and reasoning with it. Spatial IQ tests are used in areas such as sports, mathematics, sciences, technical aptitude, engineering, chemistry, physics,…
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