Can you increase your IQ test quiz better?

Your performance on an intelligent test and thus your IQ, can be increased by training, for example by exercising IQ tests. However, there is a “ceiling” for your performance. At some point you perform as good as you can and a higher score is not feasible. Still, you are selling yourself short it you do not prepare for an IQ test quiz or cognitive ability test in an assessment. Other people with a comparable or even lower intelligence than yourself might score higher, just because they prepared properly.

Why practice pays off

Practicing IQ tests is mostly just a matter of trying them. Take a lot of tests and try to find out what parts are harder for you, practice these specific tests more often. Don’t just try and solve the questions, try to understand the reasoning behind the explanation. It’s not about cramming as much questions and answers as possible, but about understanding the questions so they’ll become easier for you to answer in the future.

can you increase your iq
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Common tests

1. Numerical reasoning

You are presented with a series of numbers and are asked to indicate the missing one. By training yourself in numerical reasoning you will be able to discover the logic behind the series quicker. Some of the series are used frequently and you will be able to recognize them faster.

2. Figures

The same goes for series of figures. Each figure differs from the previous one, and you are asked to select the figure that should be in the next spot. By practicing these series you will be able to solve them quicker, as your brains have an idea how to.

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3. Analogies

You will often encounter an analogies test in an assessment or IQ test quiz. You are supposed to see a relation between words. It is not a test of your vocabulary but your ability to see relations between words.
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4. Syllogisms

You will also encounter syllogisms a lot. They test your ability to draw a logical conclusion. Your job is to select the right conclusion based on given statements. Syllogisms often statements that go against your knowledge or feeling.

is it possible to increase your iq


5. Quick tips to increase your IQ score

Below you will find some quick tips that can help you increase your IQ test quiz. These tips are based on several scientific studies and have proven to be able to increase your IQ.

how much can you increase your iq

  • Music: For at least 10 minutes, listen to Mozart’s Sonata for pianos in D major. This will improve your spatial insight. However, this will only help if you already love classical music;

  • Sports: Playing sports increases the oxygen level of your blood, making both your muscles and your brains more active. Especially if you are a little older, sports can increase your reaction speed and your IQ test quiz;

  • Pressure: Do not pressure yourself. Research has shown people perform worse if they are told that they are going to take an IQ test instead of being told they are going to solve some puzzles.

    can you actually increase your iq

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