What is the best IQ test?

IQ test is a common way to measure the ability to think and reason. So what is the best IQ test?

The best IQ test evaluates exactly your ability through the score you get. IQ score is a standardized way of comparing your intelligence with other people at the same age. Your IQ test score shows you a quite accurate indication of the ability to think, reason and solve problems. However, IQ score fails to measure things such as musical talent, manual dexterity and creatitivy.

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Below is one the best IQ test which can help you practice to get higher score:

1. Two women start at the same point. They walk in opposite directions for 3 meters, then turn right and walk another 4 meters. How far apart are they?

  1. 7;
  2. 10;
  3. 12;
  4. 15;
  5. 21.

2. If Thursday is in 3 days, what day was yesterday?

  1. Friday;
  2. Saturday;
  3. Sunday;
  4. Monday;
  5. Tuesday.

3. Which object is least like the others?

  1. Wrist;
  2. Knee;
  3. Elbow;
  4. Skin;
  5. Jaw.

4. In 4 years, Phil will be half Tim’s age. Two years ago, Tim was 5 times Phil’s age. How old is Phil now?

5. Choose the sentence that most closely resembles the meaning of the proverb: “The pen is mightier than the sword”

  1. Your ideas are more persuasive than coercion;
  2. A pen is more intimidating than a sword;
  3. Swords are less durable than pens;
  4. Fighting is a bad idea, no matter the circumstances.

6. If the red suitcase weighs 40 pounds, the blue suitcase weighs 25 pounds and the black suitcase weighs 72 pounds, any two of them together weigh at least 70 pounds

  1. True;
  2. False.

7. Tom and Chad stand on the equator, 12 meters apart. Chad walks 6 meters due East and Tom walks 6 meters due West. How far apart are the now?

  1. 0 meter;
  2. 12 meters;
  3. 24 meters;
  4. We don’t know.

8. When the letters are rearranged in ANGRIATEN, you get the name of:

  1. State;
  2. Country;
  3. Continent;
  4. Ocean;
  5. Planet.

9. What is the average of the following numbers? 1, 2, 6 …

10. Mike has eight pretzels. If Mike gives half his pretzels to Sandy and Sandy gives three quarters of those pretzels to Jason, how many pretzels does Mike have?

  1. 1;
  2. 3;
  3. 4;
  4. 5;
  5. 8.
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