IQ test on 115, you can do ANYTHING!

Recently, many studies have shown that index IQ Test is a factor contributed to the success in life. Contrary to many previous reviews were mixed for success is not related to this indicator .

The New York Times, the psychology professor David Hambrick and Meinz Elizabeth commented that" Sorry , but the innate capacity is also a problem there" , accompanied by scientific studies indicate that IQ Test new indicators are factors that make the difference between "good " and the "Excellence " . There are many factors affect IQ - and vice versa, IQ may significantly affect the results in your life.
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115 IQ

1. Genetics accounts for 40-80 % index our 115 IQ

Although the environment has an impact on IQ, genetics still occupy an important role. Environmental factors can cause your IQ Test increase or decrease a few points, but it was nothing compared to congenital factors .

iq of 115

2. Contrary to the opinion of many people previously , the higher IQ Test index , the more likely you are skilled in social communication

Of course , the relationship between IQ Test index - Social communication is not a cause - Effect. But IQ is the strong correlation with the success or failure of educational, professional, economic or social . Those who have high IQ often have good results in capacity and social learning, so that's not a high IQ Test, the low social competence.

iq 115

3. Diets snacks for children under 3 years of age can reduce IQ

Kids under 3 years old little snack to have low IQ Test indicator than your peers when he was 8 years old. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals shows turned out the opposite result expected.

115 iq score

4. Breastfeeding helps increase 3-8 IQ points in children

The children are breastfed have higher IQ from 3-8 points compared to the other children. Therefore, for the young, should not replace breast milk with other milk.

is an iq of 115 good

5. Absence from school can reduce IQ Test Indicators

Absences generally synonymous with lower IQ scores. In Sweden, students leave school early will be reduced by 1.8 IQ points per year Test absence. Research in South Africa shows that each year are not going to school, the child 's IQ dropped 5 points.

absence from school iq

6. People with lower IQ Test indicator normal ( 75-90 ) have the ability to leave school, go to prison and live in poverty more

And the reality is considerably higher: Those with an IQ of 75-90 have a higher dropout capability to 88 times higher in prisons to 7 times, and living in poverty is higher than 5 times compared with those with an IQ over 110.

what does an iq of 115 mean

7. The average IQ of the country increased by 1 point, the per capita GDP increased 229USD , even 468 USD for every 1 point increase in IQ 

A recent article in the journal Psychological Science revealed in a study conducted in 90 countries, " the intelligence of the people, particularly the smartest 5 %, contributing significantly to health strength of the economy. " But to emphasize " smart " and " high IQ Test " is not synonymous with each other, but also notable that confirms that behind the numbers are clear.

average iq

8. Persons with low IQ Test indicators tend higher suicidal impasse

But many other factors that impact the work, the Swedish researchers also gave a correlation between low IQ and feeling suicidal. IQ Test result people often have less ability to solve problems is poor, this leads to the ability to face the stress, pressure in a crisis situation is also very poor.

low iq

9. If you have an IQ Test index from 115 or more, you can do anything

Of course, regardless of high or low IQ , people also can do any work that is in almost any level yet. But it will be difficult for people with low IQ to make good the complicated work (such as a manager in the field of abstraction , volatile and unpredictable ). IQ than 115 would eliminate all barriers to your ability. On the other hand, the job does not require skills not need a high IQ Test , so the decision to make in this task quite simple.

iq test

10. The index higher IQ Test more confident

Those who succeed - in busines, in sports, in life - will tell you confidently occupy 50 % of success in the war. Having a high IQ is not everything, but people often believe so, and failure or success depends on your IQ. Those who believe their intelligence, and the " evidence " for it,  automatically forcing myself to live up to these expectations. Those who are not confident will be haunted by their low index, and will convince himself endured a life of mediocrity.

higher iq

11. The ability to create well measured by IQ tests

Creative potential can be revealed through an IQ test. According to Dr. Scott Kaufman " close reasoning, the ability to detect mold, the ability to absorb " all a part of the creative process, and are measured by IQ tests.

However, we also need to consider a number of cases but failed intelligent and scholarly work requires concentration, patience. These cases are the psychological tests and interpret evidence neurological disorder ADHD. Neurological disorders that significantly impair the ability to focus attention, follow instructions , memory, resulting not in their studies. ADHD has explained the case with a very high IQ Test results as a member of Mensa ( ask Index Test IQ > 140 ), for example, but not really fail or succeed in life. However, these people are often very intelligent, quick-witted ( just as poor concentration and persistence only).
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