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Besides, it will be an indication of what your 155 IQ score means thus people have different abilities and gifts beyond their brainpower. A person's IQ of 155 does not indicate if that person is good, bad, better or worse than anyone else.

I. Is 155 a High IQ? The understanding about IQ 155

What does the genius score to evaluate your intelligence indicate? In order to understand the measure of the score, you should learn about IQ testing in general. People normally will talk about very high IQ scores or very smart brain, often mentioned as genius IQ scores, but what exactly do these numbers mean and what is the scale to show these numbers?

High IQ scores will be followed:

  • High IQ: Any score over 140;
  • Genius IQ Score: 160 and up;
  • Unmeasurable Genius: Scores that are 200 and over.

 155 iq
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In general, most IQ scores can be ranked from IQ 40 to IQ 140; the average IQ ranges from 80 to 120. Thus, an IQ of 155 is significantly good and high scores. Yet, if your IQ is 155, you would already know that 155 IQ is very smart.

Intelligence tests are based largely on the original test devised in the early 1900s  the French. To identify students in need of extra assistance in school, the French government wanted to devise a test that could be used to discover which students were most in need of academic help.

Based on the research, it developed the concept of mental age about the children in certain age groups who quickly answered certain questions. Some children were able to respond to the questions typically answered by children of older age, so these children had a higher mental age than their actual chronological age. It also measures intelligence which depended on the average abilities of children of a particular age group. You considered how many percentages of people will have the IQ 155 and who is lucky to have that gifted? Generally, it is approximately .01229 percentile of an IQ 155, which would put someone in the upper. Which means that roughly 1 in 8130 people on the planet have an IQ of 155 or higher (~93000 people…).

Besides, it will be an indication of what your 155 IQ score means thus people have different abilities and gifts beyond their brainpower. A person's IQ of 155 does not indicate if that person is good, bad, better or worse than anyone else. “There are lots of successful people who do not have a particularly high IQ, and there are lots of people with high IQ who do not succeed at all," said Robert Sternberg, a professor of human development at Cornell University. Therefore, success is up to a variety of factors, including emotional stability, motivation, and common sense.


II. Julie Peterson and her IQ 155

An American actress with her full name is Julie Ann Peterson. She was born on 29 September 1964 in Maryland. Her mother was a dental hygienist and her dad worked in the United States government. Julie graduated from Aberdeen High School in Maryland. she and her mother moved to Alaska when she was 17 in which she worked as an accountant for her mother. Julie was featured in the "Girls of Alaska" pictorial issue of "Playboy." Peterson was the Playmate of the Month in the February 1987 issue of the popular men's magazine.

julie peterson iq


She went on to appear in a couple of "Playboy" videos and posed for several "Playboy" newsstand special editions. From 2001-2005 she hosted a CNN syndicated show called Health Watch. She is a chiropractor in Charleston SC, where she hosted "The Wellness Revolution" on local radio. She now works as a chiropractor after graduating from Life University and a member of Mensa (she scored 98% on the mandatory Mensa membership test).

With the number of IQ 155, she turns herself from an actress into a chiropractor. And over 100 years ago the Chiropractic business was born and it was almost by accident,  According to Dr. Julie Peterson, she has been practicing since 1986 and specializing either in children or adults. Dr. Peterson spent her time giving a good amount of information on the practice itself and dispelling some rumors that many associates with chiropractic work. Being adjusted will cure your ailments.

Although going to a chiropractor can essentially help you feel better, it does not necessarily cure you, but rather uses a different d of working on the body to alleviate pains such as headaches, muscle cramps, even digesting issues.

 iq 155

Most people you meet are probably average, and a few are extraordinarily smart. Just 2.2 percent have an IQ of 155 or greater. Yet, the human is getting smarter every day, they have a variety method of enhancing the brain and practicing to have a higher IQ score. Therefore, you should not worry about your score or the number if you have already known that the number is not the important thing in your life, whereas, it is how you deal with the problem intelligently and solve it perfectly.

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