What does IQ 113 mean?

70% of the world's population belongs to the IQ 85 - 115 group, also known as the Average group. IQ 113 belongs to this group but is classified as High Average.

What does IQ 113 mean?

iq 113
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Human intelligence is a field that has been invested in research for centuries. However, there is no complete and most comprehensive description of intelligence. Smart people have very different expressions: There are people who are good at calculating, there are people who are good at talking, there are people who are good at arts. The variety of expressions helps us assert that human intelligence has multiple layers and that each person will be intelligent in a different way.

How can we measure intelligence? IQ test is the suggestion of scientists. IQ test has been invented and developed over many decades and has been recognized and standardized all over the world. The questions in the IQ test focus on the ability to reason and calculate. You can do IQ tests at any age because the results are compared with the same age group. If you achieve IQ 113, how smart are you? Continue reading this article to find your answer.

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I. What does IQ 113 mean?

70% of the world's population belongs to the IQ 85 - 115 group, also known as the Average group. IQ 113 belongs to this group but is classified as High Average. You are not the smartest person in the world but you are among the smartest in 70% of the population.

IQ 113 is the average score of university graduates or teachers, police or accountants. You can acquire theoretical knowledge, in-depth research in a number of areas and complete the final thesis. You are smart enough to perform well at school and have a good life. When facing difficult situations, you are smart enough to effectively overcome and limit losses. You are still in the Average group but you stand out more than the rest of the individuals.

iq of 113

The biggest advantage of this group is that you always have room for improvement. You have the motivation to become smarter, you're just 2 points from the Superior group. In addition, the pressure to stand out in the Average group makes you work harder to train yourself. In fact, many scientists with important inventions for humans have similar IQ levels to you.

Also, you have more options to make friends. You can get along with both the Average group and the Superior group, so you have no trouble sharing your interests and stories. You are smart enough not to make the Superior group boring and also sympathetic enough to listen to the Average group. And healthy relationships will make your life much more colorful.

II. How to improve your IQ score

According to research, your IQ score may increase by 20 over time. You can get IQ 133 if you invest your time to train your cognitive skills.

  • Improve memory: Receiving information and remembering them help you have more data to solve problems in life. The more you memorize it, the easier it is to connect information, analyze it, and make accurate judgments. Good memory helps you work more smoothly and become more trusted among your colleagues. 

  • Maintain curiosity: If you are satisfied with what you already know, you will not be able to improve. Curiosity motivates you to receive new information, learn the source of the problem, and become open minded. In the long run, this knowledge will help you improve your crytalized intelligence.

  • Challenge your brain in many different ways: Challenge yourself and your brain with new skills or languages. You activate different areas of the brain and form new connections in the brain. You may feel depressed at the beginning, but after a while, you will feel more confident and excited.

  • Meditate: Meditation helps you focus better as well as relax your mind. Your brain also needs rest and detox to function faster and more efficiently. When your mental health improve, your life will be happier and better.

  • Read and listen: Here are two skills to help you gather new information from all sources. The more information you have, the more new and multi-dimensional view you have. Your brain also has more developmental directions, helping you figure out more possibilities of a problem

    113 iq score

III. How to succeed with IQ 113

Opportunities always come with those who make efforts. Whether your IQ is 113 or even higher, you can only succeed if you keep trying. The idea of relying on ​​your innate intelligence without any effort needed only makes you slow down and lose your abilities.

Willpower is also a factor determining whether you are more successful or not. When facing great challenges, ordinary people will give up and the ones who succeed are those who struggle to overcome them. In the workplace, only individuals with a strong will have the opportunity to take on the challenges and the great roles.

And last but not least, find yourself a purpose to live. What role do you come to this life, who are you responsible for, what you strive for, find answers to all these questions to motivate yourself and plan for a clearer future.

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