​Free online IQ test for adults with instant results

IQ test is a common way to measure your intelligence and abilities. There are many IQ test on the internet but it’s hard to find a reliable and accurate test. But don’t worry... IQ test free online instant results for adults

The test has only 26 questions and take you 24 minutes to do. You can take free instant results after doing the test.

Once you have your IQ score, you can share with your friends on social networks. However, this is optional so don’t feel stressed when doing the test.

Here are some tips for taking a free online IQ test for adults with instant results that you may concern:
iq test free online instant results for adults
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Read the instructions carefully

Do not start the test until you know what the purpose of the test is. You should read thoroughly and take a sample questions carefully to understand what is expected of you. Don’t feel rushed in this stage.
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Calculate the time

One of the important skills you don’t want to miss is calculate the time. You are required to give as much right answers as possible in an IQ test. So before doing the test, you should find out how many questions there are and divide the number by the amount of minutes given to finish the test. This will give you an idea of how many time you should spend for a question. Don’t be discourage if you don’t complete all the questions as this isn’t necessary.

Skip hard questions

Some questions might take you a second to go, but some take almost a minute. The tip when doing the IQ test is concentrate and think about the question, but don’t take time to doubting the answer. The best way to deal with questions you’re not sure is skipping them. If the test doesn’t allow you to skip, let’s guess.

Don’t guess recklessly

Only guess an answer if needed. If you have only a few questions left, you should spend time to answer them. Because some tests minus points for wrong answers, you might be marked as a sloppy or distracted thinker if there is a high percentage of faulty answers.
free online iq test for adults with free instant results

Go over your answer at the end 

If you have any time left, check your answers again even if you think they are all correct.
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