What is emotional intelligence? What does emotional intelligence test measure? Which celebrities have high emotional intelligence in the world?

What is Emotional Intelligence? Generally speaking, it is the ability to understand feelings, to observe and respond to them accordingly. Almost people with high emotional intelligence are more successful in life than the others, especially in leadership and management. Nowadays, many emotional intelligence tests have been developed. These emotional intelligence tests measure how you can manage your emotions and those of the others, then suggest ways to improve it.

Here are 5 celebrities who have high emotional intelligence:

1. Brad Pitt IQ score: 115

Brad Pitt iq

During the hurricane Katrina in 2005, Brad Pitt launched a new campaign called Make It Right to help people in New Orleans rebuild their homes. As the results,150 green homes equipped solar panels, energy efficient appliances and environment friendly paint have been built through this campaign.

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2. Angelina Jolie IQ score: 120

Angelina Jolie iq

Jolie is one of the most popular celebs in the world. Not only is she an actor, but also an UN goodwill ambassador and a good mother. With high emotional intelligence, she pays for all her costs when she is on the missions for the UN as well as shares living conditions as the field staff.

3. Michael Jackson IQ score: 164

michael jackson iq

MJ is well known as a charity worker in the world. His performance “We are the world” in 1985 was the way to raise money for Africa. Then many campaigns of doing charity were held and the remarkable “Heal the world foundation” in 1992 donated millions of dollars to children who are less fortunate.

4. David Beckham IQ score: ???

David Beckham iq

David Beckham is definitely an important person with high emotional intelligence. He is a founding member of Malaria No More and Help for Heroes, an organization which help injured people returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, he founded the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust with his wife to provide wheelchairs for disabled children. This led him to be a UNICEF Ambassador.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio IQ score: 177

Leonardo DiCaprio iq

DiCaprio established the Leonardo Dicaprio foundation when he was 24. The charity aimed at raising environmental awareness, especially global warming. His foundation has been developed in over 40 countries and has 2 documentaries Water Planet and Global Warming. In 2016, he met the Pope and had a speech of environmental issues. Then he agreed to act in a charity film called Beyond the Sun.

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