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With few life hacks, you may be able to boost your IQ test by one standard deviation. Challenge your brain by breaking your routines, solving puzzles and seeking new experiences to increase your IQ. Supplement your efforts by getting plenty of protein, vitamin B and rest all of which enhance your brain’s ability to remain alert. The right diet and lifestyle can do wonders.

2. Practicing your skills

  • Read more: Genetics aside, education is a big factor contributing to your IQ test. Try reading up on the sciences, such as mathematics and physic. Sciences increase your understanding of the world, which in turn improves comprehension, vocabulary, spatial and mathematical abilities and logic.
  • You can try MIT OpenCourseware, which offers notes, syllabuses and tests form over 1800 official MIT courses. You can also go for Coursera, KhanAcademy or even Youtube.
how to improve your iq
  • Do word puzzles and problem-solving games: To stave off dementia and to keep your IQ test churning away at high speeds, make sure to do puzzles and games regularly – which means (in this day and age) more time on the internet and your phone!
  • The Wechsler Adult intelligence scale and the standford-binet do not measure intelligence in a single, simple form. Rather, they have a set of problems which measure your ability to process things quickly, understand what you are told and recognize sequences.
how to improve your iq score
  • Take the tests over and over: just like that chemistry test you had to take 4 times in high school to pass, IQ test are not all that different. They have the more you take it, the better you will do.
how to improve your iq test score
  • The tests you can take for free online are not like the actual tests you might take through a career center or a psychiatrist. If you want your real IQ test, you have to take the real thing. There is generally a fee, so always try your hardest.
  • Get new experiences: When you do the same thing day in and day out, the brain sort of goes on autopilot. It tops taking in stimuli, comfortable in its surroundings.
When you have new experiences though, the brain wakes up and takes it all in, revving up for a change. So instead of popping in that DVD tonight, find a museum, a show or new place to check out to keep your mental clock ticking wildly.
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how to improve your iq quickly
  • Even just visiting a new place or trying a new food us a good experience. You are widening your knowledge, making yourself better informed for future decisions. However, the more different they are, the better. Consider it an excuse for an exotic vacation
  • Teach yourself something new: Actively learning new things helps your IQ test  learn and may help you make connections that before were not possible. Learning a new skill such as how to play chess or lacrosse, how to juggle or anything you have never done before that matter, may help your brain in ways you never even dreamed of.
how to improve your iq power
  • Learning another language is a great way to get the brain working on new pathways. Not only does it fire up centers in your brain that are not being used, but it is real-world applicable and impressive to boot.
How to improve your IQ test (part 3):

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