What does IQ 100 mean?

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 100: You have the ability to speak fluently in public, you like to bring other people's ideas on paper come alive and real, You have a rich imagination and grasp ideas quickly, You have perseverance and patience, You like to coordinate with many people at work.

I. What does IQ 100 mean?

Approximately what percent of the general population scores over 100 on a Standardized IQ Test -  IQ level 100 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 100:
  • You have the ability to speak fluently in public;
  • You like to bring other people's ideas on paper come alive and real;
  • You have a rich imagination and grasp ideas quickly;
  • You have perseverance and patience.;
  • You like to coordinate with many people at work.

II. Discover 2 careers suitable for 100 IQ

1. Actor and 5 Important Qualities of an actor career

With IQ 100 - An actor is an artist participating in the performance, performing a certain role. ... Actors will perform acting according to the required roles by using voices, facial expressions, gestures to suit the characters in the available scenario.
actor iq 100 careers
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a. Acting 

The most important acting career is your acting ability. You are gifted with the best incarnation of a character, recreating that character in the most vivid way. Therefore, the ability to act well is the factor that helps you to succeed.
With a good acting ability, you can turn better ideas, help you portray the character more vividly. On the other hand, if you are able to act, you can master your roles, you can take on many roles in many different aspects. From gentle, kind roles to villain roles ...

b. Ability to quickly imagine and capture ideas

If you are an imaginative person, soulful, emotional. Then congratulations, acting career is very suitable for you. Because being an actress is someone who has to have many good ideas. If you are struggling to grasp and formulate ideas, you should stop thinking about becoming an actor, because sooner or later you will not be able to pursue it to the end.
So if you have a good idea, you must pursue it until the end. From reading the script, consider what character you will be playing. Emotions, thoughts, actions ... will be expressed in the truest way. If you have this factor, finding an actor is completely convenient and very easy.

c. Able to withstand the pressure of work

If you think acting is idle, you are wrong. Do not think that the actors standing on the aura, admired by many people, they are happy. They get to travel, eat delicious food in luxury restaurants ... Actors are extremely hard, high work pressure, high intensity of work so if you are looking for an actor job then must definitely understand this profession.
Those aura are only part of it. Have you ever imagined sleeping for only 1-2 hours a day? Imagine not being able to eat with your family for a month? The schedule makes you eat unscientific, always lack of sleep, lose weight sometimes 10 kg in just 15 days ... Or even you act very well but just because of a small error from the technique, the acting Other actors will also have to return to the beginning, difficulties piled up. There are roles that you once accept to play, you have to roll extremely hard, you will have to go through the tiring days like death and come back to life ... as an actor you will experience all of that. It is not a career that is well-dressed, well-dressed, and sought-after by a luxury car, in a cold room. Do not take a wrong view of this profession, or you will be shocked when you enter the profession.

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d. Ability to coordinate well at work

As an actor, you will have to stick closely with all members of the crew. Already working in a team, collectively, there must be unity together. Because someone is missing, the job will not be done well. For example, the directors are early but you are late, that affects a team.
On the other hand, the coordination here is also reflected in that you have to act well with your co-star. Try to talk to understand each other better and exchange strengths and weaknesses together so that both of you can work well together so that the job is fast and effective. Being an actress who wants to be successful requires the effort of the whole group, but you can't change anything.

e. Always passionate, enthusiastic with the job

Actor career is a very hard work, under pressure from many sides. Besides, there is also fierce competition among people in the profession, and the temptation. If you do not have passion for the profession, then frankly, you will hardly succeed. You have fallen in love with the job, accepting the job of spending a month to practice, not afraid of going to the field, not afraid to learn new skills ... When you are passionate, enthusiastic, you will always get over it.

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2. Electrician and 4 Important factors for beingan Eclectrician

Electrician is a manual job with IQ 100. Electrician is an individual with knowledge and experience in the civil or industrial electrical fields. Most of the tasks of fixing and fixing electrical errors are done by an electrician with one hand.
electrician IQ 100
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a. Professional knowledge

To become a civil electric repairman, the mechanic must have specialized knowledge of the following:
  • Structure and operating principles of alternating current and direct current generators with capacity below 10 KVA;
  • Structure, specifications and operating principles of three-phase motors;
  • Understand structure and operation of civil electrical equipment;
  • Understand the operating principles of transformers;
  • Knowledge of control and warning devices;
  • Principle of operation and process of installing civil electrical systems;
  • Knowledge of labor safety.

b. Electrician Career skills

In addition to knowledge, civil electricians must also have the following practical skills:
  • Generator installation and maintenance;
  • Installation and operation of three-phase induction motors;
  • Installing and repairing household electrical equipment;
  • Installing and maintaining transformers;
  • Installation and maintenance of control and warning equipment;
  • Installation and repair of civil electrical systems;
  • Use measuring tools;
  • Perform job support jobs;
  • Use of occupational safety equipment.
Note that the above skills are the main categories, with each section covering different related work. 
Electrician Career skills iq 100
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c. Work attitude

One of the biggest weaknesses of Employeeworkers is not their knowledge or professional skills but their working attitude. Enterprises all affirm that improper working attitude is the cause of the weak productivity and efficiency of an individual.
The same is true of the civil electrical profession, you must have a correct working attitude to ensure success in the future.
  • Work carefully and meticulously, otherwise it will be very dangerous;
  • Always comply with regulations and procedures when working;
  • Take the time to learn, explore and update new knowledge;
  • Be gentle, happy with team spirit because in this profession you often have to work in teams or groups;
  • Autonomy and self-reliance overcoming difficulties quickly.

e. Health

Health is the fundamental factor for all success, an electrician except to ensure that the common health elements also have special qualities.
  • Do not suffer from diseases of the joints, heart and blood pressure;
  • Ability to work for a long time;
  • Not afraid of heights.
Ensuring that all 4 factors are met will definitely help you become a professional civil electrician.

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