What does a 97 iq mean?

Belong to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population. Some main characteristics of people with IQ 97: Good communication, attractive, easy-to-hear voice brings the ability to persuade the other person, have ability to learn many languages well;

I. What does IQ 97 mean?

IQ level 97 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability which is belong to "Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 97:

  • Have communication skills: Good communication, attractive, easy-to-hear voice brings the ability to persuade the other person;

  • Have ability to learn many languages ​​well;

  • Be patient in all situations;

  • Disciplined and very careful;

  • A person who is eager to learn and ready to learn in all circumstances;

  • A person who pursues passion and enthusiasm to work.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 97 IQ

1. Journalist photographer

Photojournalist whose task is to be in charge of the illustrative array in press agencies with the task of taking beautiful, truthful and informative photos. This is a job suitable for those who love to move, grasp all trends and are quick to all kinds of information in life.

Journalist photographer iq 97 careers
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Photojournalists often work in radio stations, television stations, news agencies or printed newspapers and electronic newspapers. There are also a lot of freelance reporters who are not tied to any radio station.
Typical work of a photojournalist:

  • Search and select important information, events, highlights;

  • Investigating and observing to find and verify the source;

  • Present at the scene to take authentic and informative photos;

  • Work with editor to develop news;

  • Can operate locally or abroad as a resident reporter.

The quality of photojournalists
Intelligence: Photojournalists must first of all be a person with strong political bravery, profound knowledge, high cultural "background", sensitivity to the times, close to life, grasp facts and problems fast. Faced with an event, unlike Reporter writes, Photojournalist only has a single moment to express the nature of the event at its typical moment, if ignored is failure. Bad news can be rewritten, then thanks to the editing hand, bad photos can not be taken again.
Skills: Operators must master their cameras, understand all its features, be knowledgeable and proficient in photographic imaging techniques: lighting, color, lines, rhythm, angle, layout, sharpness ... The photo, in addition to information value, also needs to be highly aesthetic to inspire viewers. In order to choose the most characteristic and most essential moments, find the most appropriate angle, Photojournalists also have to practice their ability to observe, the ability to detect subjects as quickly as possible with their eyes. the photographer, of the camera lens. That ability must be trained every day, anywhere, anytime, whether with a camera or not, to become a professional reflex. Photography is the art of look. Having a good look is a good work.
Emotions: In addition to the expressive technique, a press photograph also requires the person holding the camera to know how to feel before nature, people, and the reality of life and transmit that emotion through their lenses. new not dry, emotionless. Only when the photojournalist shoots with all his passion for his career, his desire to convey to viewers his discoveries, his feelings, does photojournalism have a strong voice. vitality.
If a photojournalist completes all three elements: Intelligence - Skills - Emotions, he will surely record many Golden Moments, many valuable photojournalism works.

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2. Real estate consultant

The real estate consultant is the intermediary between the seller and the buyer of real estate. Their responsibility is to build and develop a customer database by "nurturing" potential customers, advising clients on the real estate market situation and building competitive market prices.

real estate consultant iq 97 careers
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Required elements of a real estate advisor
Good communication and negotiation skills
The ability to communicate and negotiate well are indispensable qualities of a good real estate consultant (real estate salesman). When you build good relationships with customers, you have an 80% chance of success. So soft skills (listening skills, grasping customers' psychology, ability to speak in public ...) is one of the most important factors.
Must have in-depth knowledge of real estate so that when customers ask questions, they must fully and specifically explain them, making them feel secure and satisfied with the property they intend to buy. We must make our real estate many advantages compared to other competitive real estate. This is a very important factor because only when you understand what you are selling will you be able to sell it.
Having a deep understanding
Real estate salespeople should not be just a real estate agent because they need to be able to advise clients, they must know how to speak to increase their ability to convince listeners. Therefore, not only must improve their understanding of real estate and services of the Company, they also have to update their knowledge about economy, culture, society and also arts.
For example, to strengthen relationships with customers, real estate salespeople should know how to talk to customers about topics they are interested in, they will surely have a lot of good feelings for you. And "9 people, 10 ideas", so you should prepare yourself knowledge in many fields to be able to talk on many different topics that customers are interested in. Therefore, it can be said that real estate salespeople are like a job to make friends, to share the best with their customers.
Be flexible to capture customers' needs, to meet exactly what they need. Dynamic to understand psychology, cleverly guide customers to choose their products. The stage from finding customers to customers choosing products goes through many stages and stages of preparation. You must always follow the customer's mentality to be able to serve customers promptly.
Withstanding pressure

Real estate agents are often under pressure from sales, pressure from customers, ... A challenging reality for real estate salespeople is that they have to prove their ability through business results achieved.
So the real estate business requires employees to be able to endure high pressure and the spirit of steel to overcome those challenges. They also have to be flexible to adapt to many changes and find the right solution for each problem.
Real estate salespeople must be highly skilled. They are always confronted with head shakes, rejection and sometimes a lack of sympathy. In 10 times of offering, maybe only 1 time the customer agrees. If you are new to the profession, it will be difficult to deal with those rejection. However, professional real estate salespeople are persistent, sometimes stubborn and highly skilled, so they can overcome those denials.

3. Flight attendant

The flight attendant is part of the crew of a commercial flight, with the task of welcoming, ensuring safety, and serving customers by providing services such as dining, newspapers, ....

flight attendant iq 97 careers
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The flight attendant's working hours are always variable and depend on the flight hours. Even the flight attendants have to work on extended flights from day to day. Therefore, the amount of time that the flight attendants can spend with family, friends and entertainment is really very little.
The conditions to become a flight attendant in each airline are not the same, but the conditions given are evaluated based on the characteristics of the industry and the unique style of that airline.
Standards of appearance
The first condition to become a flight attendant is that you must meet the standards of height, weight, good-looking face, soft voice, no defects, tattoos, scars or non-conforming features. service industry.
For men: height from 1m65 - 1m82, age from 18-30 years old, weight suitable for height.
For women: height from 1m58 - 1m75, age from 18 - 28 years old, weight suitable for height.
Standards of education
The reason to be called "fully talented" people is for a reason. In addition to the standards of appearance, to be a flight attendant you need to meet:

  • Educational level: high school graduate or higher, with a clear background;
  • Foreign language: Minimum TOEIC 550 points or TOEFL paper certificate (550), TOEFL ibt (61), TOEFL cbt (173), IELTS (5.0). This is one of the basic bases for successful candidates to fly by domestic and international routes;
  • Priority is given to candidates who know from two languages ​​or more;
  • In addition, candidates must be cheerful, sociable, polite, vivacious, agile, and responsive in all situations.

Must withstand great pressure
The job of being a flight attendant is very interesting, looking objectively it seems very leisurely and happy, but the opposite truth is that to be a flight attendant you must bear a great deal of pressure. Each flight attendant is required to make 4 domestic flights per day. The rest time is not much so it will be very hard.
To become a candidate flight attendant must apply for the application and go through quite rigorous rounds.

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