IQ of 103 What does that mean?

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 103: careful, like to use equipment and technology to complete the job efficiently, always uphold a sense of responsibility while working, not neglect or negligence.

I. What does IQ 103 mean?

IQ level 103 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belonging to " Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 51.6% of the world's population.

Some main characteristics of people with IQ 103:
  • You are careful: in each stage you are always meticulous and sure to ensure the accuracy of the results;
  • You like to use equipment and technology to complete the job efficiently;
  • You have perseverance, courage;
  • You have the ability to analyze, evaluate and handle situations quickly in cases that arise unexpectedly and urgently that require effective and quick solutions;
  • You are a responsible person: you always uphold a sense of responsibility while working, not neglect or negligence;
  • You need to practice more ability to behave and communicate well.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 103 IQ

1. Technical staff

Technical staff are those who will build and maintain structures, machines, equipment, systems, and program operations of technical machinery in companies and businesses. Being the person who grasp and operate the jobs related to the company's technology and machinery in order to maintain the technology-related working activities, promptly correct the problems of technology, machinery, maintain and maintain the system of machinery, equipment, technology, working smoothly and best.
technical staff iq 103
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Job description of technical staff:
  • Set up work steps and timing for each product step of each item;
  • Estimated equipment for the products to be produced;
  • Track each step of work of each item to promptly adjust in production. Agree on a standard timeframe with the workshop management;
  • Make a statistic table of product codes for each department in the month, report to the finance department on the product payroll for each item;
  • Get a salary report from the finance department, attached to the process sheet, which has been assigned to the production department;
  • Make standard time norm reports, generate arising reports to the manager after the stock codes are done;
  • Adjust the steps if not reasonable;
  • Adjust the time in accordance with worker skills at an average level;
  • Recommend removing redundant action;
  • Set the unit price of each item and submit it to the Deputy Technical Director for approval;
  • Carefully read technical documentation, product research, customer comments;
  • Write process, equipment used for each stage;
  • Calculate the time for each stage (by time click);
  • Check the stage entry table;
  • Features export for each production stage in 1 hour, average productivity per worker, line;
  • Calculate the total number of equipment needed for the order (for 1 line);
  • Calculate the types of fixtures used for the order. (for 1 pass);
  • Make a flow diagram;
  • Deliver production spending according to the process;
  • Research technical documents, monitor raw materials and accessories to be stored in stock to take in-kind samples;
  • Statistics of all the materials needed;
  • Arrange the samples in the correct order from raw materials to accessories to avoid confusion;
  • Make a product product mix table and clearly illustrate the numbering position;
  • Have the right to contact and request customers to identify when detecting that raw materials are imported into the production warehouse different from the specified technical documents;
  • Ask customers to sign for approval of the color palette before production.
 103 iq with technical staff
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To be successful in the technical field requires technical people to hone and foster for themselves certain qualities.

a. Good analytical and logical thinking ability

The job of a technician is mainly around building, operating and maintaining systems and equipment. Job characteristics related to solving problems, therefore, requires employees to have good logical thinking and analysis ability to find the cause and solution to the problem. This quality is not only required in the technical field but also in many other professions, it is also a criterion to evaluate candidates when applying for jobs. With the ability to think and analyze well, it will definitely come with problem solving skills, good jobs, so candidates are very interested in this criterion.

b. Careful, meticulous

Technical profession is one of the high-risk occupations, a single mistake can ruin a project. The person responsible for these errors is none other than technical staff. Therefore, in the process of completing the project, it is required that the employee must consider carefully the parameters, even the smallest details.

c. Good communication

No matter how good a technical staff is, it must be good at communication, how to translate complex technical languages ​​into familiar everyday languages ​​so that customers can understand it. what. It can be said that communication skill is a necessary skill of a good technical staff. For those who are in charge of technical staff and technicians to complete their jobs well, please try to improve their own communication skills.

d. Catching up with new technologies

In this era of constantly evolving technology, developers constantly release new management software and technical software to optimize and improve performance for people. Technology is constantly changing, forcing people to constantly change, embrace new things in order not to be outdated and a technical staff member is not excluded from them.

e. Creativity

Technician's creativity is used in the creation and development of new systems, how everything works best. Therefore, the technical staff's creative thinking skills are always highly appreciated by employers.

f. Ability to solve problems

In addition to the above qualities and skills, technicians must also train themselves to solve problems. Because the nature of the technical people is to solve the problem, to solve the problem firstly requires the ability to recognize the problem, in order to offer solutions and propose solutions. .

g. Good professional knowledge

Finally, the employer will assess the candidates' professional knowledge side. Already a technician, employers want their candidates to have thorough knowledge and use of computer programs and systems and software commonly used in a technical project.

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2. Writers

Writers are those who specialize in the creation of literary works, have published works and are more or less recognized by readers the value of some works.
 writers iq 103
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The skills of writers are shown through the skill of using language to describe an idea, a landscape, whether it is fiction or reality.
Writers, although often understood as the creators of prose works, but the concept of writers still has a certain openness when including literary genres such as poetry, prose, novels, scripts. literary. Based on the composition tendencies and genres specialized in composition of each literary author, writers can be classified in different positions such as poet, novelist, playwright, historian, journalist, journalists, screenwriters, etc.
Selecting Literature, you need some of the following essential qualities and skills:
  • Dynamic, confident, responsible, serious at work, sociable, progressive;
  • Enjoys and can write well;
  • Think deeply, independently, creatively;
  • Skills to collect and process information, research, logical thinking, and creativity;
  • Know how to learn and explore to build yourself a cultural capital, rich living capital and own writing style.

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