Own IQ 142 you belong to 2% of the world population

If you own IQ 142 you are a genius and only 2% of the world population. On the other hand, with 142 IQ you will get a lot of benefits in life. If you do not believe, please read the following information:

I. IQ 142 relates to human life

Scientists have tested the relationship between IQ and human life. Results show that the correlation between IQ and education is 0.5. People with higher IQ learn more easily, but high or low achievement depends on the attitude of learning. Therefore, with IQ 142 you are very convenient in learning. The relative number of years of schooling and IQ scores was 0.55. This shows that diligent learning can improve this index.

The relative IQ and socioeconomic status of the parents were 0.33. This result confirms the surrounding environment and living conditions also have a strong impact on the increase of IQ. The IQ between parent and child is 0.47. Super-intelligent parents tend to produce less intelligent females and more common parents can produce smarter ones.

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II. Some other interesting things of IQ 142

Intelligent people usually remember very long, while high IQs do not remember well. So, you will not be surprised to see so many absent-minded scientists and, therefore, the absurdity of IQ 142 is normal. The higher the IQ, the happier, the healthier and the lighter. This is because they know how to prevent risks, protect their health, and make good money. In particular, they know how to get rid of negative emotions in life.

Success does not come from high IQ. It relates to how to use your own intelligence to bring about good results. The highest IQ in Asia, including Vietnam (105 average). The second highest in Europe, America, Australia (average 100). North Africa and South Asia have an average IQ of 85. The lowest is in Africa: less than 70.
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III. Steve Martin - Hollywood star IQ 142

Stephen Glenn (born August 14, 1945) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician. Martin was famous as a writer for Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the 1960s and regular guest on The Tonight Show. In the late 1970s, Martin performed comedy on numerous national tours. Since the 1980s, he has paused his comedic career as an actor, writer, playwright, pianist, and banjo, earning him Emmy, Grammy and American Comedy Awards, and many more. Other honors.
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In 2004, Comedy Central ranks Martin on the list of the 100 greatest comedians. He won an honorary Oscar in 2013. Playing banjo at a young age, he used the instrument in many comedic and musical performances in the early 2000s; Recorded and performed by many bluegrass musicians, including Earl Scruggs, helped him win the Best Country Vocal Performance in 2002. His debut album, The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo (2009) won the Grammy for "Best Bluegrass Album".

Is there anything Steve Martin cannot do? With IQ 142,  nothing can stop him. In addition to being one of the most popular comedians and comedians in the world, he is also a writer, musician, magician, and art enthusiast.

IV. How to increase IQ for children

It is not easy for children to reach IQ 142 because only 2% of the population reaches this threshold. But to increase the IQ for children is not impossible. You can refer to the ways below:
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The IQ test for children from 4 to 9 years old here

1. Grow kids by mom milk

Breast milk is the most basic "brain food". Studies show that the benefits of breastfeeding are increasing, not just preventing dangerous infections and providing the necessary nutrients. Danish researchers find that babies who are breastfed are healthier and smarter, The research found that babies who were breastfed for nine months grew up smarter than just babies Breastfeeding for about a month or less.
So: Breastfeeding means that you are making initial investments in your baby's health and that this investment is valuable and profitable in the long run.

In one study in 2016, the researchers tracked 180 children. The babies were divided into two groups, one being breastfed for the first 28 days, the other being bottle fed. By the age of 7, breastfed infants had higher IQ scores than those who drank only milk, according to Business Insider.

2. Children under 3 eat a lot of vitamins and minerals

These are foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt but have a very little vitamin or mineral content. Children under the age of 3 eat a lot of these foods when they are 8 years old, they have a lower Wechsler test score (WISC) than their peers.
In contrast, children who eat a lot of vitamins or minerals have higher scores.

3. Reading books

This proven method is sometimes overlooked, arguably not the latest IQ development technology, but reading really is a simple way that definitely improves learning and cognitive development. children of all ages. Read your child's books as early as possible, register your child's library card, and have plenty of books in your home to help increase your child's IQ.

4. Music

Listening to the drum player is not always a pleasant experience, but music lessons are always fun to train the right brain. Music lessons can have a positive impact on IQ and the ability to learn the culture of young children - learning as many years as possible, the greater the effect. Research shows that small music lessons are a clear predictor of good grades in high school and higher IQ scores in adulthood.

5. Play game of thinking

Playing chess, crossword puzzles, puzzles ... all stimulate the brain to work and practice to perform mental exercises. Popular games like Sudoku can help keep you happy while still promoting strategic thinking, problem-solving and complex decision making. Always be prepared in your home for brain exercises like that and challenge your child or solving your problem.

6. Sports

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report that physical fitness scores are strong and close to academic achievement in elementary school age. Participation in organized sports fosters self-reliance, teamwork, and leadership. The study also found that 81% of young business executives were involved in corporate sports.

So instead of lying down in front of the TV after dinner, consider going out for a few strolls or running lightly. And if possible, encourage your child to participate in a physical or sporting activity at school. So I not only be active but also have the opportunity to exchange and make more friends.

7. Play video games! Surprise!

Electronic games have many bad reputations: violent, personal, useless. But many things can really help children develop their strategic thinking, planning, and other things that can promote creativity and teamwork. A recent study conducted at the University of Rochester found that subjects who play video games recognize and learn the visual cues much faster than those who do not. Prior to this research, teachers in the UK even used some video games in their classrooms.

8. Teach your child confidence

Especially in adolescence, children often fall into the state of negative thinking, limiting their ability. So child psychologists encourage parents to actively reinforce their child's confidence with optimism, assurance, and encouragement. Having children involved in team sports and other social activities can also help build confidence in the offspring.
Many researchers have shown that kids with IQ 142 are very confident in their lives.

9. Nurture curiosity

Experts say that parenting curiosity and encouraging children to explore new ideas is teaching them a valuable lesson: finding knowledge is important. Be supportive of hobbies and passions.

You are very lucky to have the IQ 142. Please respect it!

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