What does an iq of 87 mean?

IQ level 87 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, accounting for 15,7% of the world's population.

I. What does IQ 87 mean?

IQ level 87 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, belong to "Below Average Intelligence" in IQ scale range chart accounting for 15,7% of the world's population.
Some main characteristics of people with IQ 87:
- It takes time to learn a new skill;
- Usually look at the problem on the surface;
- Having a tendency to work in the service industry.

Are you worried that not knowing what kind of jobs can you do with IQ 87? In fact, at each IQ level, people will be compatible with specific characteristics. It is this that makes the difference between everyone. However, in general, IQ group 87 will be best suited for the following 3 jobs.

II. Discover 3 careers suitable for 87 IQ

1. Bartender

Bartender is the term for the profession of bartender drinks, alcoholic beverages, cocktail mixers, mocktail. Bartender is considered a profession that brings many development opportunities and opens millions of attractive jobs for young people.
bartender iq 87 careers
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To do this job, you must be knowledgeable in the selection, sorting, preservation and preliminary processing of fresh ingredients such as fruits and herbs, as well as having skills in “Flair Bartending and Showmanship”. In which juggling the shaker during the concoction is a unique skill of a true bartender. Working environment is usually in bars, clubs or pubs ... quite bustling. Therefore, in addition to taking on professional work, Bartender must also have many other skills such as understanding customer psychology, meeting the need to enjoy drinks as well as skillfully chatting with customers …
Bartender is a comfortable, dynamic job and does not feel constrained, this is what makes many young people feel attractive. Bartender is also a profession with a high aesthetic. Watching Bartender guys skillfully perform with Shaker pots, perform the concoction correctly and skillfully, many young people fall in love, gradually forming their passion, wishing to have a long-term attachment to the profession. . On the other hand, this is also a job regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, all of you can commit to and seek opportunities.
A Bartender after completing a professional bartender course can apply for a Bar Assistant position to both earn extra income and increase his experience capital. From this position, you will have a premise to advance to higher positions such as Bar Manager, Beverage Supervisor, Bar Manager, F&B Manager …
Essential Skills IQ 87 should have
To become a high-class bartender, you have to go through a fairly long training of essential skills such as:
- Mixing skill: Quantifying Cocktail materials so that the taste is balanced, presenting products that meet the requirements, fresh, delicious and attractive. You must memorize the name, the way to distinguish the type of wine, the type of glass suitable for each different type such as Cocktail, Mocktail, tea, coffee ...
- Performance skill: This is the most difficult skill for any bartender. Because this is between the boundaries of professionalism and ordinary. Performing skills show "skills" that take a long time to show it properly, especially the bartenders in Vietnam.
- Creativity: Bartender's work requires both art and technique, creating ceaselessly to create delicious, strange and attractive drinks to customers. As a bartender, you need to know that the cliché and rigidity in the concoction will destroy the "soul" of the combination materials.
- Communication skills: Communicate with customers in both Vietnamese and English, know how to stir up the space, guide customers to enjoy the levels of taste and feeling that a Cocktail brings. extremely "beneficial" function of the professional Bartender.

2. Service staff

The service staff is one of the people who contact and communicate with customers the most when they come to a restaurant or restaurant. Therefore, the customer's impression of the restaurant staff is very important. For those who do not know anything about this profession, it can be simply understood that the service staff will be the one waiting for the guests to come, make an order for guests, transfer the request of the guests to the kitchen and bring them food. The service staff should be the ones who make guests feel comfortable and ensure the best dining experience of customers.
service staff iq 87
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Many people believe that the job of the waitress seems to be simple with serving customers, but in reality, it is not so. As a waiter, such as restaurant waitress, cafe waitress ... you will have to undertake some specific jobs as follows:
  • Cleaning, setting up the desk / seating areas assigned to them;
  • Welcome customers, give menu to customers;
  • Answer menu-related questions for customers;
  • Write down the request for the food / drink that the customer needs to serve;
  • Check your order and transfer the customer's order to the kitchen for the kitchen department to do;
  • Bring food and drinks to guests;
  • Satisfy service requests from customers;
  • Cleaning up after the guests have finished eating / drinking (dining table, cup, cup, knife, plate ...);
  • Arrange seats and welcome new customers.
Due to the nature of the work, they must be in contact with a large number of customers every day, the service staff must prepare themselves for certain skills. This will help them maintain a good customer relationship and impression.
  • Professional working manners and attitude: In general, most professional service staff need to ensure the following criteria about working manners and attitude: neat clothes, neat hair, confident, enthusiastic, amiable, agile manners, cooperative working attitude, willingness to receive feedback, respect for colleagues, customers, have a good will
  • Communication skills: Good communication, effective communication skills will make customers love and sympathize with you as well as the restaurant / restaurant. Nobody wants to continue eating at a restaurant where the waitress communicates in a gruff, rude way, right?
  • Problem-solving skills: If you can solve problems that arise quickly and “smoothly” by yourself, you will be more appreciated than others. In addition, a waiter who is talented to speak and solve problems will make guests feel much more comfortable and comfortable.
  • Ability to memorize, master skills: In a day, the restaurant / hotel can serve dozens or hundreds of customers, if you do not memorize you will be difficult to undertake the job of receiving and receiving. ordering, transferring order, serving food ... and many other jobs such as consulting, introducing, cleaning ...
Service staff is one of the rare occupations that do not require too much professional expertise, that is why it has become the work choice of many people. To quickly advance to a higher position, you should embark on a career as soon as possible, "hardworking or not familiar with your hand" - take the initiative to approach the job as soon as possible to accumulate your experience. valuable. Not only will you be appreciated by employers, but your career development path will become very favorable. Entering the profession earlier will bring you more advantages in relationships, adaptation, and professionalism in each stage of the job ...

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3. Treasurer

The cashier is the person directly managing the cash fund of an entity, company or enterprise. Assigned to monitor all revenue and expenditure related issues. In other words, the cashier is the person in control of all revenue and expenditure activities if arising in the agency, unit and business. With specific jobs such as checking receipts, checking checks, signing and receiving bills, signing advance payments, ...
treasurer iq 87
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Depending on the draft and plan of revenue and expenditure of each unit set out. The treasurer duties are slightly different. But basically includes the following jobs:
  • Carry out cash collection and spending in accordance with the policy, which is specified in the scope of responsibility of a cashier. (Unit, business has approved issues such as what is allowed to collect? What categories are collected? How is the fee rate? ...) So the cashier just needs to take it as a basis for implementation , ensure operation in accordance with the regulations set out by the agencies and units
  • Tallying the collection and spending of cash accurately, ensuring the cash fund is always in safe mode. Minimize revenue and expenditure inflation. It is necessary to regulate the balance so that the revenue and expenditure are not allowed to happen.
  • Implementing the level of cash balance in a scientific and serious way. Distribution used to match the current fund level.
  • Perform accurate and complete cash fund accounting. Report the contents of the cash fund to the superiors.
If you have those of these things, you will be well as a treasurer:

- Requirements for knowledge:
  • Understand the rules on the content of business operations of your unit. From there, understand the content of the cash fund's operation like;
  • Understand the revenue and expenditure regime, the rules in the issue of financial revenue and expenditure of the unit. Since then, there is a plan of revenue and expenditure in principle;
  • Understand the regime in cash management according to the regulations of the state. Ensure both harmony with the unit's operating model, and compliance with the legal framework;
  • Understand the unit's cash plan, check-and-write process, cash preservation, and cash storage of the unit. Since then, there is a suitable management;
  • Understand cash procedures with banks, cash procedures with customers. Make sure to record books, complete documentary procedures, and make reports fully and accurately;
  • Must have knowledge of using simple tools such as specialized calculators in accounting, calculators, cash counters, ...
- Requirements for qualifications
  • To be able to work as a good cashier requires basic and specialized knowledge. Specifically, it is required to have a high school diploma, a major in treasurer or accounting;
  • In addition, having skills in informatics, writing skills, foreign languages ​​is an advantage to help you fulfill your responsibilities. Especially as a cashier in the business.
- Ethical requirements
Good morality is required to do well as a treasurer. Because you are managing a sizable amount of money in the agency, you must be honest and careful. This is an essential element to ensure that the fund operates in an open and transparent way. Ensuring the unit does not let inflation and power abuse happen.

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