What does iq 88 mean?

People with IQ 88 have very special characteristics that many others do not have. Let's see what IQ 88 people should apply their abilities to.

What does IQ 88 mean?

IQ level 88 shows that you are a normal type of thinking ability, accounting for 15,7% of the world's population.

Some characteristics of people with IQ 88:
  • Able to speak fluently;
  • Know how to persuade others;
  • Be patient with everything you do.
People with IQ 88 have very special characteristics that many others do not have. Let's see what IQ 88 people should apply their abilities to.

II. Jobs suggestion for IQ 88


If you have an IQ of 88 and have the following characteristics, then you are definitely a great salesman
1. Desire to help others
The most important feature that a salesperson needs is the care and always willingness to help others. As the top goal in retail is still to make the lives of customers better through the products and services the store provides. A good employee needs to be interested in finding out what customers want and how they can trust their products.
salesperson iq 88
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2. Sympathy
The sales skill required for a great salesperson is empathy, empathy is a characteristic that shows they are willing to put themselves in the shoes of customers to really understand and know what they need.
Sympathy is the foundation for positive customer listening skills and above all this feature will be of great help to the retail industry.
3. Patience
Patience is an important feature that improves customer service-related skills.
In fact, sometimes you have to work with clients who are very slow, take a lot of time, and you need to adjust your speed to get along with your customers.
In addition, you can also face customers who want you to run again and again up to 10 times to find the right product that they like.
4. Friendly
You don't have to be an out-of-the-way person to be an elite saleswoman, all you need is that it's friendly.
In fact, retail is a service industry where sales staff are trained in the direction of being kind, welcoming customers.
Friendliness is an important feature, an essential foundation for all sales and customer service skills.
5. Must be a quick learner
For new employees, from the first day of starting work as a sales person, you will surely be flooded with a lot of information: how to sell, how to receive attentive customers, how to grasp all the characteristics of the product ,...
So the sales skill required for every retail worker is to learn quickly. And this should never stop, as retailers will offer monthly promotions and offers, along with service innovations to attract customers, as a sales person, you need to be the first to get that information.
6. To be able to multitask (do multiple things at once)
Equally important sales skills are knowing the main job priorities and multi task ability.
Retail workers must be able to work with multiple customers at the same time while ensuring good "care" of their customers. You have to know what is the priority to be able to complete the task excellently.
In addition, in many cases it will happen that many customers will need your help at the same time, so must be able to solve this problem.

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skill of saleperson with 88 iq
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7. Positive listening skills
Positive listening skills are important for all customer service and every sales staff. This is not necessarily a natural skill that anyone has, but with learning, focusing on work, anyone can become a positive listener.
How to develop positive listening skills:
– Actively talking to customers in a repeating format most of what customers have just said to confirm, this forces you to pay more attention to what the customer says.
– Expressed in body language if in direct contact with customers, body language will help customers feel they are listened to.
8. Deep understanding of products
One of the sales skills that every employee must have is a deep knowledge of all the products you offer. This allows you to ask questions and create effective solutions for your customers.
This is a skill that can only be gained after you work with all your products for a certain period of time.
How to master products in retail:
– Identify what products are important and what makes them special.
– When launching new items, prioritize important characteristics, to research and experience, gradually, you will know the pros / cons of your product.
9. Communication skills
Basic sales skills that every retail employee needs to have are communication skills, sales staff need to greet customers clearly, answer questions, explain to customers questions about products, issues customers care about, including problems arising.
To be able to hone this skill, it requires sales staff to take advantage of both positive and positive situations occurring in the store, to learn, learn from mistakes to be able to improve communication and handle situations.
10. Sales/customer service skills
These two skills are gathered together because the best customer service providers should be the best sales staff. As a sales person, you must know how to work with customers through the sales stages.
You need to be able to reach customers, understand their problems, create solutions for them, and turn them into your customers. 


1. The first quality is to love the profession
The first preschool teacher should have a love for the profession, love the child because the teacher is the daily example of the child. Love for the profession will be the motivation for teachers to stick and take good care of young children.
This is one of the decisive factors for teachers' pedagogical activities. Preschool pedagogy is a specific industry, there are many difficulties and difficulties, if you do not really love the profession, it will be difficult to overcome the challenges.
baby sister iq 88 career
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2. The second qualities are to be patient.
Patience and sympathy will help teachers be closer to children, will help children no longer feel afraid when they come to school. For preschool children, all their behavior is according to the contrition, likes to do what they want, has not formed logical thinking. Therefore, a patient teacher who knows how to refrain from such fledgling actions will be extremely important, the purpose of which is to re-orientation of the right thoughts for young children.
3. The third quality is to have a high sense of responsibility
Preschool teachers need to know how to see how beloved, safe, meticulously caring for children to detect their needs wherever they are. In particular, teachers need to coordinate well with relevant departments to organize programs to prevent malnutrition and disease with a high sense of responsibility.
In addition, preschool teachers are also psychological specialists of children, each child will have different psychological characteristics. Therefore, without psychological grasp skills, teachers are difficult to come up with the right educational methods.
4. The fourth quality is the ability to handle pedagogical situations
In a preschool pedagogical environment, there will be many different pedagogical situations every day, different relationships between teachers and children, teachers and parents make many young teachers not embarrassed.
Therefore, a teacher who wants to do a good job needs to have skillful situational skills, making an important contribution to the personality bar while solving all problems gently.

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